AIDS, nowadays are very common and a serious issue. People are still trying to find a proper cure for it. It was first found in the mammals who where non- humans like bats, apes, monkey and etc. Lately it was affected by the zoonosis disease through which human too started to get AIDS. People are very scared about this disease. There are still many out there who have failed to overcome this disease.


Mostly AIDS is transmitted through the tissue in the human body. It is transmitted through sex, semen, breast milk and etc. within a week of the AIDS; the person will go through some symptoms like fever, sour throat and fatigue. Even some times people may get high fever with night sweat and drastic weight loss. After a few weeks they may experience – pain in the abdomen, pain while swallowing something, regular dry cough, whole body fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth ulcer, sores and swelling etc. If a person gets these types of problems, immediately he should consult a good doctor and should start to take medication as soon as possible. Sometimes immediate precautions can stop the AIDS to grow more. So, it’s better to take precautions prior itself.

Some people fail to know about they have AIDS and after a long when they come to know, they regret about it. And sometimes it becomes too late for the person to safe himself from this disease. Like this, many have lost their lives. This is why many health organizations conduct many types of health check-ups where a person can find whether he/she is having any kinds of disease or not.


Yet there are many medications for AIDS, but the world is still looking for a better cure where they can cure a person completely from it. For treating AIDS, a person should go and refer a doctor who is expert in these types of matter. He should list all his problems to the doctor so that the doctor can figure out what type of disease the Person is going through. After that the person should see the pro’s and con’s of that disease and should act accordingly to it.

Sometimes people consider that medication itself will cure AIDS, but they are wrong. Even though they take medicines, they fail to follow the proper lifestyle. A proper lifestyle is also to be taken into the consideration. Moreover people should not see this as disease and should concentrate on overcoming the fear of AIDS. They should motivate other persons who are affected by the same disease.


AIDS patient get a numerous numbers of benefits from the insurance policy companies and governments. You can check this link for various benefits that an AIDS patient gets. The main motive of this organization is to create an awareness stating that that too deserve a chance to live. Due to this, many AIDS patients are being motivated and then walk with the normal people in the society. They get the insurance amount 3 5 times more that what a normal healthy person will get. There are various schemes and benefits for them.

AIDS people are to be seen as a normal and common one. Some people still sees them as a weird type due to which still many are not able to come out of that darkness. So the society should accept the fact, that they also should be given an opportunity. They also are human beings like us. They also can change the world with their talents.