Improving Productivity with These 5 Herbs

Procrastination is the bane of every busy person’s life but sometimes it feels impossible to concentrate and your brain just feels full of fog. The good news is there are some healthy, natural options for clearing that fog and creating sharper mental focus – in the form of herbs.

Herbs are becoming more and more recognised for the power they have to help our bodies and minds cope better with stress and anxiety symptoms, but now they have been proven to help sharpen our minds as well.

So the next time you need to boost your productivity and sharpen your brain power, why not try taking a supplement or including one of these five amazing herbs within your cooking, and benefit from the natural plant power.

You should always check with your doctor before taking herbal remedies as they can sometimes interact with other medication, so if you are taking any regular drugs for conditions, then always seek advice first.

  1. Rosemary

While you are probably familiar with rosemary for cooking in and also potentially as an aromatherapy oil, this wonderfully fragrant herb is also an amazing productivity booster. Try just smelling rosemary oil while working on a mental task and you will soon notice and improvement in your brain efficiency. The oil is also great for helping to improve your memory so if you are studying for an exam, invest in some lovely rosemary oil for an essential boost.

  1. Ashwagandha

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety and overwhelm then taking ashwagandha can provide relief although it needs to be taken regularly to have any kind of impact – it’s not an instant relief. This herb has long been recognised for its ability to support mental clarity and improve focus.

It’s also great for reducing and combating feelings of fatigue that can accompany stress-related issues, and works as an immune booster to help you feel better overall.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

This potent herb has had its place in healthcare for centuries and is thought to offer many benefits for mental health including improving memory and attention span.  It is well known for helping to support mental function so if you need a boost then try taking this supplement.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is probably a name most people recognise and this herb is used routinely to help improve mental function. It helps your brain to cope better with stress and is thought to help protect brain cells against decline as we age. This super herb is definitely one to have on hand during times of brain fog and procrastination.

  1. Vacha

Vacha is often used by people who feel general sluggish when trying to think, as it can help with improving mental concentration and clearer thinking. It is sometimes used for people with nervous disorders.

Any of these five herbs can help boost mental clarity and improve productivity, particularly if you are working under stressful conditions and need a boost to help your system to cope with everything that is going on.

If you need an instant pick-me-up however, you need to check the labels as some of these need to be consumed daily and to build up in your system before they start to have any kind of effect, so choose the right one for your particular needs.

For a longer term solution to dealing with stress and anxiety, then taking ashwagandha could be the perfect solution as it provides many health benefits as a naturally adaptogenic herb, helping the body reduce its response to stress.

However, if you are mid-essay and need an extra boost, then a small jar of essential rosemary oil on hand, to smell and sniff, could be all that is required to help awaken your senses and get your creative juices flowing once more.

All of these herbs are easily and readily available in a variety of forms, from supplements in health food shops, to powder form and of course their original plant form, so you can choose how best to consume them.

Whether you take a supplement, make a herbal tea, put them into a smoothie, or use them as part of your cooking, these five herbs could make a huge difference to your mental clarity, focus and productivity levels. You could even try growing them in your garden or on the windowsill if you are particularly green-fingered.

If you are well and healthy, these can provide a great natural boost, however, if you have any health conditions for which you are taking regular medication, you should always seek medical advice before taking or using herbs in this manner as there is potential for them to interact with certain drugs. If you buy herbal supplements, always read the warning labels carefully before taking them, so you fully understand any potential issues or side effects.