10 Foods That Improve Dental Health

A lot is said about foods that cause dental problems. High sugar food is the key reason of tooth decay and gum diseases. Similarly, those high in carbohydrates and starches are also detrimental for the teeth. They combine with oral bacteria to form acids that eat into the enamel and cause cavities. Even though it is important to avoid such harmful foods, you must also be aware of the right kind of foods that promote dental health. These are the food items that keep your teeth well nourished and healthy. Here are the 10 foods that you should make a part of your daily diet:


An apple a day does not only keep the doctor away; in fact, it also keeps the dentist away. The crunchy and delicious fruit acts as an oral detergent as it stimulates the saliva production. This keeps your mouth hydrated and gives it a fresh feeling. Moreover, chewing apples exercises the gums and promotes their health. Eating an apple after meals also gives your teeth a nice scrub and eliminates oral bacteria.

2.Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale make another teeth-friendly diet option. They are enriched with minerals and vitamins that make them good for overall health. At the same time, the high folic acid content in these vegetables is beneficial for teeth and gums.


Don’t be surprised if your Atlanta dental specialist recommends a cupful of yogurt as a part of your breakfast. Being high in calcium and protein, it works wonderfully for the health and strength of your teeth. Also, yogurt is rich in probiotics, the “good bacteria” that fight the harmful ones to reduce the chances of dental caries. Just make sure that you choose the no-sugar option.


Like yogurt, cheese is another dairy product that boosts dental health. It is known to increase the pH levels of the mouth, which lowers the risk of tooth decay. Additionally, it is a chewy food that stimulates the saliva production. To add to this, cheese yields a hefty supply of protein and calcium.


Carrots, like apples, have the crunch that makes a positive impact on the saliva production. They are high in fiber and vitamin A. Also, eating carrots has a cleansing effect on the mouth and reduces the risk of cavities. This is the reason that dentists recommend eating a raw carrot after meals.


Another food option that is great for dental health is almonds. They are packed with calcium and protein but have low sugar content. Consume a fistful of almonds everyday and get healthy teeth, skin, and eyes.


Even though you need to steer clear of sweet foods, you can consume raisins without any guilt. The naturally sweet dried food is high in phytochemicals which inhibit bacteria that cause cavities and gum diseases.


Next on this list is the most unexpected item. Do you believe that something as common as tea can have a protective effect on your teeth. Both black and green teas are high in polyphenols, which slow down bacterial growth in the mouth. Catechins in green tea also kill the plaque-causing bacteria.


Celery, like carrots and apples, also stimulate saliva production in the mouth. Also, it acts as a naturally abrasive food that facilitates removal of food remnants from the spaces between the teeth.


Besides these food items, water is important to keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest best. Drink plenty of water to keep the gums hydrated and prevent dryness. It also maximizes the production of saliva and keeps the mouth clean.

When it comes to dental health, it is always better to look for prevention rather than cure. While maintaining oral hygiene is one side of the picture, eating right is the other. Include these foods in your everyday diet and pave way for healthy teeth and gums.