Importance of an Annual Well-Woman Exam

Women’s care in Trinity involves an annual well-woman exam. The annual exam is a visit to your general healthcare provider that happens once every year and may include a pap smear and a breast exam.

An annual overall health exam is very important for several reasons including:

Improve General Physical Health

Most people only visit the hospital when they are sick so a lot about their general health is missed. That is not the case during the annual exam where every aspect of your overall health will be tested.

Therefore, if you have been practicing poor health habits, they will certainly show during the annual exam. The good news is that you can know where you have been going wrong and you can take the necessary steps needed to improve your health.

You should follow the doctor’s recommendations in this regard.

Cancer Screenings

One of the most important reasons why you should be getting an annual physical health exam is that they are going to involve cancer screenings. Such screenings are crucial especially for those who have not paid attention to their health for most of the year.

Breast cancer gets a lot of attention since it is very easy to assess but there are other types of cancer that are substantially harder to notice. An annual exam will also involve a pelvic exam pap smear to check for cervical cancer among others.

Cancer is the worst and most prevalent disease of our time. The cost of treating cancer financially, physically and mentally is too high and can be avoided with an annual exam.

Update Medical History

Your medical history is of paramount importance. It is what every healthcare provider will ask for whenever you visit them.

The way to paint the most accurate picture of your health is to have an updated medical history. The annual exam is one way of accomplishing this and getting a broad and accurate picture of your health added to your medical history.

Your medical history is also important to your family’s health. If there are any preexisting conditions, then your medical history will show it and preventive action can be taken. 

Hidden Conditions

Though certainly the most dangerous, the various forms of cancer are not the only hidden conditions that may exist in your body. Any hidden conditions that may be present will be exposed during the annual exam.

Many conditions can lay dormant in the body until another condition triggers it. Certain conditions are very dangerous as when you are not searching for them specifically it is easy to miss them.

When you go for an annual exam, they test for everything which makes it easier for such conditions to be found and you can then start the treatment process immediately.


If you are on any sort of medication, which most people are, then your annual exam is the perfect time to evaluate their effectiveness and need. Too much medication is dangerous and can be harmful to the body.

It is especially so if you are still consuming medicine that you don’t need. There may be deficiencies you have come to and that you don’t need to treat anymore.

Contrarily, there may be medication that you need based on the exam’s results. You may have to take supplements or such medicine to improve your health.