HYDRAGUN Massage Gun – Do You Need One?

There is a new massage gun brand that has caught the attention of some of the most popular athletes and fitness buffs in Australia. In fact, the HYDRAGUN has made a fan of athletes like Arsenal WFC Goal Keeper Lydia Williams and 10x Muay Thai World Champion John Wayne Parr, just to name a few.

But let’s cut through the hype and take a close look at HYDRAGUN. Do you really need one especially if you’re not the athletic, fitness buff type?

It’s not just a workout recovery device

While the HYDRAGUN is known and well – marketed as – a recovery device for post-workout soreness, it is also quite effective at helping you manage regular aches and pains. This means that even non-athletes that are looking for non-invasive and holistic alternatives to pain relief can use the device. 

But how does it work exactly? The massage gun uses percussive therapy. Basically it “punches” you to drive vibrations deep into muscle tissue. These deep tissue vibrations interfere with pain signals to your brain, overriding it so you get that instant feeling of pain relief.

So, if you get lower back pain and muscle knots on your shoulders for sitting in front of a desk for several hours, or you have been inactive for quite some time, the HYDRAGUN is a safe, effective tool to deal with pain.

Helps you get the most out of workouts

On the other hand, if you workout regularly, the HYDRAGUN is a good addition to your routine. Let us explain.

You know how fitness trainers and sports coaches always say “don’t stretch cold muscles?” You can use the massage gun to warm up and get your muscles ready for your workout. Using the device on the muscles you will train gets the blood flowing and this improves your range of motion. The result is you maximize movement and get the most out of your workout session.

You can also use the HYDRAGUN to ease any muscle tightness and soreness from previous activities. By loosening up the muscles, you get rid of discomfort that can affect the quality of your workout.

Easier to use than foam rollers

We’re not saying that foam rollers are ineffective at relieving muscle soreness and pain. They are effective and many gymmers and fitness trainers swear by them. But – they can be cumbersome to use, especially if you do not have that much space available to lie down and foam roll your back or leg muscles. Additionally, using a foam roller or a tennis ball means it can be difficult to pinpoint problem areas. You could spend several minutes trying to get to that knot in your shoulder and still not get to it.

The HYDRAGUN massage gun on the other hand works smaller surface areas – one at a time. It also comes with various massage heads so this means you are able to target specific muscle groups. You only need to turn it on and float it on the sore area and that’s it. Easy. 

Helps you sleep better

If you are feeling sore and achy you would not be able to fall asleep easily. Even if you do get to sleep, we are willing to bet that your sleep quality is no good, either. 

Using the HYDRAGUN massage gun fees like you are getting a really good massage. The “punches” the gun makes mimic deep tissue massages which does more than ease muscle soreness. The improved blood flow relaxes the muscles, sending “relaxed” signals to your brain. This prepares your mind and your body for a good night’s sleep. 

Deep tissue massages anytime, anywhere

Let’s face it – if we could get professional deep tissue massages every day, we would. Whether we need it for post-workout relief or to relax after a long day at work, fact is professional deep tissue massages are expensive. Not everyone can afford to get one several times a week. 

Having a HYDRAGUN massage gun means you can get professional level deep tissue massages anytime, anywhere. The device is portable and comes with a carry case for easy storage or if you need to take it with you while you travel. It’s also the only massage gun in the market that has a 7-hour battery life so you get several days’ worth of massages on a single charge. 

Most importantly – it’s REALLY quiet. At 50dB (quieter than a normal conversation), you can use the HYDRAGUN while you’re watching TV or even while you’re in the middle of a video conference call. Even if you still want to go for professional massages, this massage gun is a great way to get pain relief in-between appointments.


So, do you really need a HYDRAGUN? Our verdict is yes, you do. Anyone – even non-athletes can use this massage gun.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness buff or someone looking for a safe and effective way to get muscle pain relief because you don’t want to go to spas yet. As long as you are serious about holistic pain management and recovery, you can rely on a massage gun like the HYDRAGUN to work for you.