Gemstones are not only used as fashion accessories now but also as facial tools. One of which is the rose quartz roller.

If you are a fan of beauty products, skincare products or tools, you might have heard about Jade Facial Roller already. Did you know that it has an almost the same type of skin care product but made up of other gemstone? Yes, you’ve heard it right and it comes in rose pink!

Rose quartz roller is a massage facial tool made of pure rose quartz that helps improve your lymphatic circulation. So, if you love facial spa and massage, you should really try this tool. Buy rose quartz roller for face to experience it yourself. It’s like free facial massage anytime you want at your own comfort in your home.

To maximize the benefits you’ll get from using this skincare tool, we listed up different tips on how to use a rose quartz roller for face.

1.) Roll in one direction from the center then gently outward. Since it is a roller tool you tend to roll it in both opposite directions. But, the most preferred way to use it is rolling it consistently in one direction.

Start from the center of your face then roll gently to the outward. For your forehead, start at the center of your forehead then gently roll it to the side and down to your ear. Do the same with your chin.


2) Use the larger stone on the cheek. The design of the rose quartz roller is to make it as easy as possible to use. Thus, it comes with two different sized stones.

The larger one is used for your cheek area or any parts of your face that has a large space for the stone to roll so you’ll occupy larger coverage while using it.


3.) Use the smaller stone for the lips and eyes. For some parts of your face that has smaller areas for the larger stone, use the opposite end of the roller that has the smaller stone. These options makes it easier for you to access all parts of your face.

Areas around your eyes and lips are easier to access using the smaller stone. Try to roll the rose quartz tool in these areas in one direction as well, from the center to outward direction.


4.) Refrigerate it before use for extra soothing experience. Chilling is one of the newest method taught by beauty gurus. So, even rose quartz roller actually works better when chilled.

Another option to chill your rose quartz roller aside from putting it in the fridge is you can just prepare a bowl of water with ice cubes in it. So, you’ll just dip your rose quartz in the bowl of cold water, wait for few minutes and then apply the roller on your face. Dip it again everytime it losses its cold.


5.) Use it with serum. Using rose quartz after applying a serum is really great as it helps the product to penetrate on your skin. You may apply the serum directly on your face then spread it all over. Then, use the rose quartz roller to massage the serum on your face.


6.) Use it with sheet mask. Like what you’d do with your serum, you can use the rose quartz roller in the sheet mask too. Just apply the mask on your face like how you normally do. Then, massage your face with rose quartz roller. Start from the center of the edges like your chin and your forehead to avoid the solution from the mask from dripping.

Some have their face mask chilled from the fridge so it’s also a good option instead of refrigerating the rose quartz roller.


7.) Use it before putting make-up on. One quick method to prep your face before putting on make-up is to massage your face with rose quartz roller. It helps revitalizes and relaxes your face and ready for the products you are about to apply.

Now, that you have these tips, what are you waiting for? Give your skin a treat and try the rose quartz roller for yourself!

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