How to Select the Right Cannabis Strains to Grow

Growing weed is an exciting and exhilarating process. However, picking a strain is one of the most important aspects of setting up your cannabis garden today. The type of strain you choose will influence the type of cannabis garden that you will grow.

First off, there are male and female cannabis plants. Only the female plants have buds and the most preferred cannabinoids. This makes it essential that you get feminised seeds, but you will need male plants for breeding.

In this article, we look at how to select the right cannabis strains to grow.

Grow Experience

Growing cannabis does not need any growing experience, only extensive research, and careful planning. However, some strains require more attention and care than others do. You can get the information about cannabis care from breeders and distributors.

No matter the difficulty level of the strain, you will gain growing experience over time. However, you could opt to start with low-stress plants if you have no growing experience.

Growing System

There are two growing systems for a cannabis plant, indoors and outdoors. Some strains grow well outdoors, while others grow better indoors. For example, sativa plants have more open bud structure and grow much taller than indicas. This makes it proper to grow a sativa strain outdoors.

Indica and hybrid strains are more susceptible to pests and require more attention. This requires a controlled climate and environment making indoor cultivation the better option.

Garden Planning

The size of your growing space does not matter much, but you need to know how big the plants of a particular can get. For example, indica strains grow much shorter and are bushier, which means that you can manage with a small growing space.

However, you need to add workspaces where you will make the clones, put soil or other growth mediums into the growing container, among other tasks. This makes proper utilisation of space important when choosing the right cannabis strains to grow.

Flowering Time

Some strains take longer to mature than others, and this makes it necessary that you consider how long it will take to flower. If you want a quick turnaround, then look for strains that take between 8 and nine weeks to flower, instead of 12 weeks.

Mould Resistance

Mould can quickly ruin your plants during the final weeks of the flowering stage. However, there are mould resistant strains that will ensure maximum yields from your harvest.

Types of Growing Medium

There are different types of growing mediums, soil, coco coir, and hydroponics, to name a few. Certain strains will thrive in a soil medium; while others will not some will require complicated watering systems and nutrients than others.

You need to consider the following factors as you go about selecting the right cannabis strain to grow:

  • How many lights do you need and how bright should they be
  • The number of plants you plan to have
  • Which growing medium will you use

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Customer Preference

If you are growing cannabis for commercial use, then your customers will influence the type of strain you will grow. You will need to have the numbers on hand when selecting the right strains to ensure that you deliver the desired effects.

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For medicinal use, you need strains that are low in THC for treating seizures. For pain, you will need a strain that has the right ratio of THC and CBD. High THC will treat nausea and lack of appetitive.

For recreational use, you need to grow strains with the proper mixture of CBD, THC, and CBN. For a head high, sativa strains are the best. For relaxing effects, you need a strain with high THC levels and medium CBD levels.

Other than this, there is a growing demand for CBD oils, and you need to choose the right strain to ensure that you have high quality CBD oils.


Your breeder or distributor will give you the numbers for each strain. Unless you are growing cannabis for breeding, you should go for whose plants are fast growing and the buds very potent. However, the bottom line is that you should get healthy male and female cannabis plants for best results.

There is a robust online community of cannabis growers, booth professional and armatures and they can help you in getting the best information about plant management techniques for maximum yields.