How to Select a Neurologist

If you have decided to visit a neurologist like Dr. Frank Berenson then you have made a very important decision. Whether for you or for a loved one, it is a very personal matter. Below are some things to consider before choosing the right neurologist for you.

Referrals are Key

Before looking for a neurologist, you will probably pay your regular doctor a visit. If you are diagnosed with a neurological condition, your primary physician is best suited to offer you a recommendation for a neurologist.

Friends and family are also great sources for neurologist referrals. You should ensure that the person doing the recommendation had actual experience with the neurologist.

Evaluate the Neurologist

Before you select a neurologist, you should ensure that you completely research them. A crucial point to review will be the neurologist’s certification. Board certification is necessary for a neurologist. This provides evidence that he or she has sufficient training, skills and experience to provide neurological healthcare. You can easily find a neurologist’s certification by checking the medical bodies’ websites. You should also ensure that they have no history of malpractice.

Experience is Paramount

Experience matters significantly in neurology especially as it pertains to serious neurological conditions. The more experienced the neurologist, the more likely you are going to achieve positive results in treatment. You should ask about how many cases they have handled that are similar to yours. If there is a specific procedure to be conducted, consult about how many like procedures they have done and what were the results.

Review the Neurologist’s Hospital

Many neurologists work out of a major hospital. The quality of the hospital and the neurologist are inextricably linked. The quality of the hospital is crucial because it will affect the treatment success rate and also the quality of care after the treatment. The location of the hospital will also matter if you are going to be making regular trips there.

How Well Does the Neurologist Communicate?

Communication is extremely important in neurological cases. You should be able to talk with your neurologist with ease, accuracy and trust. You should evaluate this during the first meetings with your neurologist. Success in the treatment of neurological disorders depends more on successful communication than advanced medical procedures. The neurologist should show significant interest in you and your case. They should also respect your decisions even when you disagree.

Read the Neurologist’s Reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can get a review of any service provider in the world. You should check to see if there are reviews of the neurologist before making a decision. Patient reviews are the ultimate measure of a neurologist’s competence. Patient satisfaction surveys will reveal much about a neurologist including friendliness, punctuality, compassion and success rate.

If you cannot find reviews online, you should try and find some of the neurologist’s patients physically.

Consult Your Insurance

The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed in the recent past. Therefore, before you choose a neurologist, you should ensure that your insurance will cover the treatment or at least a substantial portion of it. Sometimes, you may have to choose a neurologist that is covered by your policy as opposed to one of your choices. You will have to measure the benefit of having insurance pay for your treatment versus the quality of the neurologist.