How to Prepare for Professional Teeth Whitening

A bright smile does not only look good but may also boost your confidence. If your teeth are not looking their best, you are unlikely to feel good about yourself. Fortunately, teeth whitening treatments may help you address the problem. Even though there are plenty of teeth whitening experts in Chandler, Arizona, they are not always right for the job. Picking the right one could improve your experience. Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for Chandler teeth whitening.

  1.     Desensitize

Increased teeth sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening procedures. If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, consider using desensitizing toothpaste. You may use the toothpaste for about two weeks before the date of the procedure. Desensitizing toothpaste has potassium nitrate and strontium chloride which limit the transmission of pain signals between your teeth and the nerves.

Some people may experience sensitivity when the chemicals and heat from dental treatments penetrate the pores of their teeth. If your teeth are extremely sensitive, your dentist may prescribe over the counter medication before whitening.  

  1.     At-Home Dental Care

On the days leading up to your teeth whitening appointment, ensure that you observe at-home dental care. Brush and floss your teeth. Even though these are things that you should do regularly, they are especially important before teeth whitening.

  1.     Think About the Condition of Your Teeth

Consider the state of your teeth before teeth whitening. If you have veneers or very deep stains, it may not be the right option. Always let your dentist know about the condition of your teeth before treatment.

  1.     Dental Checkup

Consider scheduling a dental checkup before your teeth whitening appointment. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your appointment will be successful. Your dentist will give you advice depending on your unique needs and what you hope to achieve.

It may be impossible to remove some stains with teeth whitening. You need the opinion of an expert to deal with them. They will help you determine if you are a good candidate. Choosing a teeth whitening procedure is a good option for addressing external stains which are caused by smoking or eating and drinking certain foods. If the cause of your stains is decay or trauma, you may need to explore different treatment options.

  1.     Don’t Schedule on Busy Days

Schedule your whitening appointment on a free day. That way, your dentist does not need to hurry through the procedure. They may take a lot of time to prepare before the appointment.

  1.     Use a Shade Guide

With teeth whitening, you should never attempt to wing it. Always check out a shade guide and compare them to your current one. Choose a shade that closely matches yours to have a base and a goal shade. Your dentist may help you determine the right shade to achieve a bright yet natural smile.

If you are preparing for professional teeth whitening, working with your dentist is a good idea. They will help you determine how much lighter you should go and the right desensitizing toothpaste for your needs.