How to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Being such a highly populated city, Houston residents face a wide variety of medical issues. Carpal tunnel syndrome in Houston is quite a serious issue.

There are many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome in Houston which are mainly a result of using your hand in the same posture for extended periods of time. The condition can result in significant pain, especially if nerves are affected.

An orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist can do much to help you but there is also much you can do to manage the condition including:


Cold can have a very relieving effect on bones and joints damaged by carpal tunnel syndrome. It is especially effective in reducing the inflammation in the hand caused by the disorder.

You should do it by placing an ice pack or immersing your hands in water for about ten to fifteen minutes at a time. You should also do it only once or twice an hour depending on the severity of the condition.

You should refrain from using your hands after icing them since they may be some numbness or tingling afterwards. However, after some time you should get some pain relief in your hands.

Keep Your Hands Warm

When you get carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of constant repetitive action, your hands can experience a tremendous amount of pain and stiffness. It is especially so during the cold days.

Keeping your hands warm is one way you can relieve the pain in the hand greatly. The warmth serves to increase blood circulation in the arm which ensures relief from inflammation.

The stiffness in the hand caused by carpal tunnel syndrome can also be lessened by warming your hands. Warmth will certainly increase your hand’s range of motion and make it feel better when you use it. 

Stretch Your Hands

When most people think of stretching, the last thing that comes into their mind is their hands. However, the hands have muscles, joints, and tendons that can always benefit from some stretching, particularly when you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

The good news is that stretching your hand is very simple. You will start by extending your fingers in all directions. You should feel your fingers pop if you haven’t stretched them in a long time.

Stretching your hands ensures that they receive blood flow hence they are able to move. You can do hand and wrist stretches anywhere you are.

Give Your Hands a Break

The one thing you should always do to keep your carpal tunnel syndrome a break is to give them adequate rest. As stated above, the main cause of carpal tunnel is the repeated movement of the muscles and joints in the hand.

Rest involves simply allowing your hands to relax for as long as possible when you don’t have to use them. Fidgeting with the remote or using your phone are activities that you should refrain from during your breaks.

Whenever you are on a break you can stretch out your hand or warm them. You will feel much better in the long run.