How to keep a senior safe

Keeping seniors safe is sometimes very difficult. Each senior is in a unique situation and will require different levels of care. However there are some basic things to keep in mind if you have an elderly parent living at home.  Obviously all rooms in the house is important to make sure it is safe and sound, however the most important room is the bathroom. Studies show that the most falls and injuries happen in the bathroom. So here are a few tips to keep it safe.

Install grab bars throughout the room, not just in the shower. Lots of times, people think that they only need grab bars in the shower itself, that is a very big mistake. When an elderly person is getting in and out of the shower, trying to walk to the sink or to walk out, it can sometimes be slippery and having something installed in the walls for them to hold onto, can keep them safe from falling. A very important thing here is to make sure they are put in the right places and installed correctly.

Getting in and out of the shower itself, is extremely dangerous for a senior, especially, if it is a bathtub and not a walk-in shower. Depending on the mobility of the senior, there are many different options to choose from. The basic ones are just a simple bench, where the patient can easily sit down and transfer themselves over the wall of the tub and into the shower. However, if the senior has difficulty moving themselves, there is a sliding shower chair for the elderly that makes it very easy to get the patient into the shower.

If the patient has a hard time getting up and down from the toilet, there are many options of installing a raised toilet seat. This gives the toilet some height, making it a lot easier to use. Some of them come with side rails and some don’t. however, side rails can really be a big help if they need that extra support.

The most important thing is, is that if the senior has mobility issues they should never be taking a shower by themselves without help. It is wet and slippery in a shower, and no one wants to see a senior fall and get hurt.