How To Help Patients With Insufficient Of Growth Hormone

In most people, growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. As the name suggests, growth hormone regulates human growth. However, in addition to this, growth hormone is involved in many other important processes in the body.

Growth And Development Of Strong And Healthy Bones

  • Regulation of metabolism in the human body (in particular, maintaining a balance between muscle and adipose tissue)
  • Forming the organs of the body and keeping them healthy
  • Ensuring the general well-being and energy level of a person

What Can Be The Reason For The Growth Retardation?

There are many reasons why a child grows more slowly than his peers, siblings. Some of these reasons are completely harmless and do not pose a threat to the health of the child. For example, some kids just grow a little slower than others, but end up catching up as they get older.

However, there are other, more serious reasons explaining why the child does not grow the way it should grow. These can range from poor nutrition to certain medical conditions (such as kidney or liver disease). It is possible that the child’s body is not producing enough growth hormone, which contributes to its linear growth.

Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone therapy is biosynthetic hormone replacement therapy. The growth hormone preparation is fully consistent with the hormone that is produced in the human body. Since growth hormone is a protein, it must be injected for the correct effect.

Growth hormone is used to treat children with stunted growth due to an underlying disease. Growth hormone is also used to treat adults who are deficient in this hormone The specialists of hgh therapy doctor us have long-term experience and rich knowledge to guarantee that they will help the patient to hormone imbalance disease.

For children who need hormone shots on a daily basis, improving injection devices is essential. Today, for these purposes, there are many syringe pens with useful functions.

Novo Nordisk started innovative developments in the field of growth hormone therapy more than 30 years ago. Today, the drugs we manufacture for the treatment of disorders in the production of this hormone still help many people around the world.

Scientists are working to create innovative patient solutions. So, they successfully applied our many years of experience in the field of protein engineering and developed a long-acting growth hormone preparation that can be used once a week.

Medical Applications

Growth hormone is a doping drug, according to Order 705/2002, which defines the list of doping drugs, in accordance with section 44, §16, subsection 1 of the Criminal Code. Growth hormone is a prescription drug that can only be prescribed by doctors who specialize in endocrinology, pediatric endocrinology, or pediatric nephrology.

In medicine, growth hormone is used to treat children with growth disorders caused by insufficient secretion of growth hormone

Final Words

The diagnosis must be confirmed by the precise use of various types of exercise tests that measure the secretion of growth hormone prior to administration. A physician can be blamed for a therapeutic error if he prescribes growth hormones to a patient without seeing him or doing a thorough diagnosis.