How to Find a Good Chiropractor: 8 Things to Look for When Picking One

If you are in need of chiropractic help, you should choose a good chiropractor. Click here to learn how to find one and what you should look for.

If you’re dealing with pain, an injury from a car accident, or looking to lose weight, you may be in the market for a chiropractor – and rightfully so. Three out of four people who saw a chiropractor within the last year say it was “very effective”.

And when you’re dealing with someone who is going to “crack” your neck and align your spine, you want to make sure you go to the best. So how do you know what to look for in a good chiropractor?

To help get your search started on the right foot, let’s look at 8 things you should look for when learning how to find a good chiropractor.

1. Think About Your Needs

Not all chiropractors specialize in the same thing. You’ll get the most benefit from a chiropractor that can tailor treatment to your specific physical needs.

For example, if you’ve been in a car accident, you may want to see an accident therapy chiropractor. They have specialized training on how a car accident affects the body and use techniques targeted at helping you heal from your injuries.

Other examples of expertise include sports medicine, occupational medicine, pediatrics, acupuncture, and weight loss.

By choosing a chiropractor that specializes in your injury area, you will see better results and get the most out of your office visits.

2. Consider Their Gender

When researching how to choose a chiropractor, an important factor to consider is how comfortable you are with the practitioner. For some people, that will include the gender of the chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can be very personal and physical. For that reason, women may feel more comfortable getting treatment by another woman and discussing issues of gender-specific health. Men may prefer to see a male chiropractor for the same reasons.

The ability to be open, honest, and comfortable during treatment is key to getting successful chiropractic care.

3. Get a Referral

Word of mouth goes a long way when you get suggestions from a trusted source. When looking for a good chiropractor, be sure to ask around for a referral.

Your primary care physician is a great referral source. They’ll be able to suggest chiropractors they trust and ones that can deal with your specific needs.

Family and friends are another great source of information. Ask around to see if anyone you know goes to a chiropractor they love. They can help you learn more about traits of chiropractors they like and maybe even help you avoid ones they didn’t like.

4. Check What Your Insurance Covers

If insurance will be covering your chiropractic care, finding a practitioner covered under your health plan will be a huge deciding factor.

Call your insurance company or go online to find a list of local chiropractors in your network. Many times your insurance company will give information about each chiropractor that can help you make a decision. This information includes their credentials, experience, areas of expertise, and patient rating.

Then always call a chiropractor’s office to double-check they still accept your insurance. Plus, make sure they are accepting new patients.

5. Research Their Credentials and Experience

One of the most important factors when researching how to find a good chiropractor is knowing their credentials and years of experience.

The credentials basically state what their license is and where they went to school. Not only will it show where they got their degree, but it also shows if they have the proper license to practice in your area. Plus, it shows if they have any disciplinary actions against them.

Knowing their years of experience is important because you’re dealing with spine and musculoskeletal issues. You want someone who knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for some time.

6. Check Online Reviews

You obviously want to go to a chiropractor that has happy patients. To help you find that, be sure to check out their online reviews and testimonials.

Of course, you can find testimonials on the chiropractor’s website. But you don’t want your research to end there. Check other impartial websites as well.

You can find reviews on social media sites, insurance company provider lists, Google reviews, and websites such as

Look to see how many good versus bad reviews they have. Read through each one and see if there are any reoccurring complaints. And look to see if there are any deal breakers listed.

7. Visit the Practice Website

These days most, if not all, chiropractic offices will have their own website. Checking out their site is a great way to learn more about them and will answer any questions you might have.

A practice website will likely have information about the chiropractor, their background, and what area of expertise they have. It might also introduce the office staff and show pictures of the office and exam rooms.

Reading up on the services offered is another way to find out if they are the chiropractor for you.

A bonus would be finding they have a website blog. Not only does it show how they relate to their patients, but it also gives you a resource on chiropractic information.

8. Get a Free Consultation

All your research is in vain if you don’t like the chiropractor in person. A free consultation is a great way to get to know them without risking anything.

Take the opportunity to interview the chiropractor. Ask them about their techniques, their experience, and what kind of treatment they feel you need. Not only will you learn more about them, but you’ll also get a feel for their communication style and personality.

It’s also a great way to check out their office. Be sure to talk to the staff and don’t leave without getting all your questions answered.

Get Aligned with How to Find a Good Chiropractor

Your health deserves the best care. Now that you know how to find a good chiropractor, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in the best hands.

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