How to Fall Asleep Fast – In the Moment

It is quite funny to learn how to fall asleep fast, but you’ll be surprised that there are ways for you to hit dreamland quicker and better. The premise of quickly falling asleep is creating tricks that would stimulate your mind and body to signal that you now need to sleep. Try these strategies and see how it works.

Cozying Up

Some nights sleep would not come easy, and you’ll find yourself having to flip the sides of your pillow to feel the cooler side of its sheets, or you would probably switch your position several times on bed. The thing is, this will eventually lead you to fall asleep indeed but mostly due to exhaustion. Instead of finding yourself to sleep in this manner, work on creating a room environment that accommodates coziness.

There are several ways to do this; first, you can switch the lights off and make your room temperature cooler. Both have great factors in sleeping faster as science suggests.

 Lights Out

Relevant to switching the lights off or dimming your room at the very least, avoid using your electronic gadgets like cell phones, television, and laptop or even lamps. They not only emit artificial lighting that could disrupt your melatonin, a chemical responsible for sleep, but they would likely distract your focus to sleep as you might again be tempted to scroll relentlessly through your feeds or random shows, etc. Before you know it, you have already decreased your sleeping time and disrupted your sleeping pattern as well.

Make it a point to put away your gadgets in a farther side of your room. As much as possible, do not use your phone as an alarm so you wouldn’t have to place it on your bedside and be tempted to use it before going to sleep. It is not only unhelpful to your sleeping pattern, but the radiation it emits will also be damaging to your brain. It can cause a headache and eyesore which is useless for you to get into a quick slumber.

Cool Down

The ideal room temperature to facilitate sleep faster is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also varies to the season or your preferences. A cold room will make it much easier to close your eyes and would also refrain you from sweating too much. Other than cooling the temperature of your room. You could also use a good bath to cool your body temperature. A night shower will help you drift off faster.

Practice Your Breathing

Practicing proper breathing is very beneficial to your mind and body. In meditation places for instance, like the Japanese Zen meditation, the first thing that they are going to teach you is to do proper breathing. Most of the time, the meditation process is all about you practicing and correcting you breathing and work your way to emptying your mind of worries. The idea is that you will have to be able to relax. Proper breathing helps you to relax.

In the same way, when trying to sleep faster, you have to signal your body that it is already time for it to have a good night sleep. And to do that, you have to be able to relax. Relaxation begins when you finally start to slow down and notice your breathing.

To practice proper breathing, what you have to do first is to notice the way you inhale and exhale the right amount of air. You have to breathe through your nose, and you could do some slow breathing first to expand your diagram. Notice how your belly rises and fall as you breathe in and out.

You know it is correct when your belly rises when you inhale, and falls or contracts when you exhale. If you are doing it the other way around, then you have just figured out that you’re not doing it right. There are many benefits to practicing proper breathing, and one is making sure you fall asleep faster.

Eat the Right Food

Your diet is also an essential factor in your sleeping pattern. Some foods can keep you awake at night. These foods include those that are too spicy as they can make you feel an acidic and heated sensation in your stomach will, in turn, leave you feeling a bit warm and uncomfortable. Foods that are fried and are heavy on sodium and fats can also be a factor of losing sleep as they may interfere with digestion. On top of the list is, of course, the caffeine-based foods or beverages such as coffee, sodas, and dark chocolates. Make it a point to consume milk or water instead before hitting the bed.

If you have tried all the tricks mentioned above and still somehow it could nor facilitate your sleep, then maybe it because of a biological factor. If so, consult your doctor so they could give help you asses your health and underlying factors of sleeplessness. They could suggest your medications, and you could as well make use of sleep aid drug coupons for your prescriptions.

It is essential to get proper sleep for you will feel less stressed and well rested in a day. If you get the right amount of sleep each day, you’ll be more productive and happier to manage your daily tasks. Try these tips at night and enjoy a good night’s rest.