How to Care For Yourself as a Women

Are you looking for an effective type of birth control that’s right for you and doesn’t have unwanted side effects? Perhaps you want to be tested for STD? Or are you searching for a well-woman service in Trinity, FL? If so, Dr. Torres OBGYN is available to carry out well-woman examinations. Dr. Torres can also discuss any worries you have relating to STD, birth control, pregnancy, or menopause.

This article will look at some of the ways that you can help keep yourself healthy.

Find the Right Birth Control for you

Are you happy with the contraception that you are currently taking? Or do you want to try a new method of birth control? Most women take the birth control pill or other forms of contraception for decades. Recent studies have shown that about 70% of women would like to change their contraception in some way.

The pill is the most common type of contraception, but there are many different options available. This includes vaginal rings, the patch, and even monthly shots. Most women use contraceptives for years or even decades. It’s important to talk to your doctor to find the right type of birth control for you.

The birth control pill is the most common form of contraception, and it’s proven to work very well. In most cases, when taken correctly, the pill is between 91-99% effective. There are many types of birth control pills, so you’ll be able to find one that works well for you. It’s fine to take most contraception pills long term, and there are many other benefits. The pill can help to reduce or eliminate acne. It can also solve common menstrual problems, such as heavy bleeding and painful periods.

Attend Regular Well women Examinations

As a woman, you are entitled to regular well-woman visits. This will help the doctor to catch any health problems early. Well-woman examinations should be carried out annually, with your doctor or nurse.

During the well-woman visit, you’ll receive a full check-up, which will focus on preventive care. You may also be given shots to prevent diseases, as well as cervical screening and tests to check for infection. The doctor will provide you with advice and counsel, which will help you to make informed decisions about your health, wellbeing, and treatment options. Each well-woman examination will be tailored to the individual.

Get Tested for STD Regularly

If you’re sexually active, its essential to be tested regularly for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). If left untreated, STDs can cause infertility and health problems in later life. Having an STD means that you can pass it to future partners. Recent research has shown that the rate of STD is increasing, especially amongst young people. Having more than one intimate partner will increase your risk of getting an STD.

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex, you’ll be at a higher risk of STD as well as pregnancy. Regular STD tests will help to keep you healthy, sexually. You can also use a condom as this will help offer protection against the spread of many STD’s.

However, it’s worth knowing that some STDs can be spread by skin to skin contact. There’s also a possibility that condoms will split, putting you at risk of STD.