How to Build a Beautiful Body – Besides Exercising?

You have decided that you want to shape-up. Build a body you’ll be happy to live in; even proud of. Naturally, you’ve taken a membership card at a gym near you, and you are ready to start recreating your physical shape. Now, all you need to do is: Eat better, sleep better, meditate, stay away from the couch, the potato chips and too many Netflix nights. Oh, we forgot: You also need to learn how to breathe, so you can feel in control at all times. Are you ready for this?

 1 – Change Your Lifestyle

All habits are hard to break. So why would you suddenly try to turn your whole world around, just to have a better-looking body? That is probably because, if you don’t already have one, your lifestyle simply wasn’t adapted for it. We are physical, a reflection of what our life is.

If you work all day long and when you get home, you sit on the couch watching movies; your body will reflect that. If you come home every night, prepare yourself a balanced meal, go out on the weekend with friends and plan your weeks ahead; chances are your body looks a lot better than in the first scenario.

 2 – Gain Strength through Breathing Techniques

But before you even start to transform yourself into a more dynamic person (which you will need to become if you want to keep up the gym sessions), you first have to learn breathing techniques, like the one at This will be helpful in all the other facets of your life and will ease you into the changes necessary to build yourself up.

There will be difficult times when you enter into your “new life,” which will cause you anxiety and stress. It won’t be easy to get up earlier, just to fit your gym session inside your busy schedule, and you will fight with yourself not to stay in bed. But by practicing breathing techniques, you’ll be in complete control, which will help you achieve your goals.

 3 – Eat Well and Sleep Well

You have heard this saying before: “You are what you eat.” It is totally true. You may go to the gym four times a week, but if you continue to eat fast food and drink excessive amount of soft drinks and alcohol, you will never be able to lose the belly fat. A balanced diet is the real key to a beautiful body. The training will tone you and provide you that “I am in great shape” look, but it is the healthy nutrition that will help you stay slim.

Sleep should come easy, if you train hard and you eat well. Just make sure you are in bed early enough to get six to eight hours of sleep every night.