How To Avoid Pedestrian Injuries When Exercising Outside

The statistics concerning road accidents in the United States are quite startling, as revealed by the CDC. In 2017, pedestrian fatalities in road accidents amounted to 5,977, of which 1,165 were people aged 65 and older. Furthermore, most pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas, at non-intersection locations, and at night. The number of pedestrians injured in road accidents was estimated at 1,37,000. These statistics should goad you to be extra careful when you exercise outdoors, whether walking, jogging or running.


Here are some ways to avoid pedestrian injuries when exercising outside.

Be alert Remember, you are using common space when you are outside your home exercising on a public road. You could be exercising in many ways, such as walking, jogging or running. As such, you are required to care for yourself as well as for others. Therefore, you always have to stay alert and ensure you do not encroach into other users’ space. Being alert will ensure your safety, as well as the safety of others. As a pedestrian, you are at risk of injury caused by other pedestrians or other vehicles using the road. If you have an accident you are going to be the most prone to injury. Often, serious injury occurs when you fall on the curb and hit your head or break a bone. 

One way to avoid injuries to yourself, is to always be completely aware of what is happening around you. 

Avoid multi tasking The tendency is to multitask. You may want to talk to a loved one or conduct business on the mobile phone. You may want to listen to music or news. While music is safer than news, nevertheless it is not advisable. You have to concentrate on the sidewalk and the road and that is your main task. If you are distracted, you will lose concentration on the main task and not be alert and probably get injured.   

Don’t multitask. Just concentrate on your walking, jogging or running.

Be visible If you get into an accident with a motorbike, car or bus, you would be hurt the most. So, make yourself visible. Wear bright clothes that can be seen by everyone during daylight hours and reflective clothing during night. If other people can see you, the chances of hitting you is reduced. 

Make yourself easily visible to others.   

Dress comfortably The road and pavement are relatively uneven, as compared to a jogging or running track. You must wear a good pair of shoes that has good treads to offer you strong grip. Due to rain, the road and the pavement will become slippery and make you lose your footing. If you wear shoes with worn-out soles it is a recipe for a sure fall of your own accord.  You should also dress comfortably and avoid wearing sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses will diminish your vision and you may miss seeing some danger or the other. You may want to cover your head with a floppy hat, instead of sunglasses.   

Ensure you are dressed right for exercising. Furthermore, dress appropriately to the season and the weather.  

Follow traffic rules As a pedestrian using a common public facility, traffic rules apply to you as well. You are required to follow them. For instance, when crossing the road always use the crosswalk. Stick to the sidewalk and never walk in the road. Be absolutely alert while crossing the road. Watch out for careless drivers, lest you get hit by them. Don’t drink and drive is applicable to car drivers and the same is applicable to you as a pedestrian – don’t walk after you drink.

For your own safety follow all traffic rules.

As you can see, the safety tips for exercising outside are not that difficult to follow. If you value your life and the lives of others, you must follow the tips described above, and other tips, to be safe and not get injured.