How Many Calories do I Burn Playing Golf?

You can burn between 100 and 300 calories playing golf every 30 minutes says the GolfIndustry site. The total number of calories you consume on the course is different from case to case. While it depends on your intensity, the caloric burn process also depends on the weights such as golf clubs as you have to carry with you. At the same time, walking the entire length of the course instead of using a golf car is recommended to burn more calories.

Playing Golf vs. Going to the Gym

Many people are actually wondering about the best calorie burning process when comparing golf to gym routines. A typical 30-minute gym routine is not the best option when you want to compare it to golf. Simply put, carrying your weights and walking the entire length of the course for 18 holes means that you will burn up to 1.4000 calories in a few hours. If you thus manage to play a few times per week, you will have the ability to choose which type of physical routine is best for you. Strictly forms the perspective of figures, it means that you will be able to burn more calories playing golf.

But golf is also better for your breathing health as well. Being outdoors represents one of the best ways to stay in shape while also enjoying the fresh air. With a large number of calories consumed on the course, there are a few tips you can apply to maximize the results of the caloric consumption. One of them is to simply avoid drinking a couple of beers after the game. The empty calories from the drinks might affect your fitness level in the long term.

If you are using a buggy, you will consume fewer calories with physical exercise. This is where you will be able to see results towards the lower mark of the caloric consumption scale. But with around 100 calories consumed per hour, you can still use this approach to consume more calories through the week.

Another tip applied by many golfers comes with post-game shakes. These types of refreshments can keep you hydrated after a long game. A combination of water and lemon is a popular choice for those seeking to maintain the possible weight loss benefits.

There are various ways in which you can maximize caloric expenditure even beyond the buggy. One way to do so it to actually carry your own set of clubs on the course. Another interesting way is to simply play more. And also by using the 35 below socks. you can maintain your health. If you only play once per week, there are limited benefits you can see. At the same time, if you play up to three times per week, you would be closer to 4-5.000 calories consumed with a game of a few hours. This makes golf one of the recommended activities for caloric consumption but not necessarily with occasional games but rather with multiple games per week. In some cases, the consumed calories are significantly more than what can be achieved in the gym within a 30-minute session.