How Hair Restoration Techniques Can help Redefine Your Looks

Hair restoration therapies have advanced over the years. The current way to harness hair growth is by using low-level laser hair therapy (LLLT), a technology that eliminates surgery but successfully redefines your hairline by promoting hair growth. Laser caps in Austin is a new technology that has been found to provide promising results in hair restoration.

How is laser hair therapy helpful in promoting hair growth?

 The technology copies the natural healing mechanism of the body. Typically, when you are injured, your bodies trigger some reactions, which promote healing. When the same happens to your head, you will notice new tissues, which restructure to deal with the injuries. Laser hair therapy exposes you to a near-infrared laser that triggers tissue repairs that make your scalp cells active once again.

The technology has existed for a long time; it was used in treating issues such as skin wounds, nerve damage, and joint pain.

Over the years, advancements have made the technology extend to hair therapy, which depended majorly on surgeries to accomplish. Therefore, you can now grow hair without risky incisions.

Laser hair therapy stimulates growth by triggering the following:

  •         Makes sure you have complete hair growth cycles
  •         The technology stimulates the dormant follicles to resume growth
  •         Promotes follicles to stay in the anagen phase for a long time

In simple terms, the technology triggers the right conditions to encourage hair growth.

What benefits can you get from laser hair therapy?

Laser hair technology has many benefits. However, it’s only downside is that it’s not available for everyone. Texas Hair Restoration Center will analyze whether your health profile fits all the requirements for the service. The technology gives you the following benefits:

  •         You feel no pain at all
  •         Nonchemical, as it entirely uses infrared light energy
  •         Noninvasive

Another benefit of the technology is that it strengthens your hair days after treatment with laser energy action to the follicles.

How many laser sessions do you need for the perfect hair?

Treatment depends on various issues, which your doctor will check once you walk in for your first appointment. Texas Hair Restoration Center checks for two main issues to determine the number of treatments. First, they look at the thickness of your hair; the more severe the thinning, the greater the need for you to have several sessions. Secondly, your doctors will identify the response rates of your follicles on the treatment. The higher the response rates, the less the number of visits you will make to the center.

From current research, the best way to increase hair density is to have a 10-minute session every day for up to 14 weeks. However, regular sessions can bore you and even make the activity burdensome. Texas Hair Restoration Center suggests you complete 2-3 visits every week for better results.

Natural hair can improve your confidence by hiding the evidence that you are aging. The technology can also help people with premature baldness. Redefine your looks by calling Texas Hair Restoration Center or booking your spot online.