How Exercise Boosts Mental Clarity

Regular body exercise does more than just help your body burn the excess calories and fats. The brain too benefits greatly from any form of exercise. Anyone that understands what it means to hit the gym or the swimming pool understands this much better. Most people leave the gym/pool feeling energized and happier than they were. This has been backed up by numerous studies on the effects of various workouts to the body. According to research, even the simplest form of exercise elevates one’s mood. This has been attributed to increased blood flow to the brain, which helps keep brain cells nourished. Discussed below are some of the ways your brain benefits from a great workout plan.

 1. Helps Relieve Mental Stress

Taking a 30-minute walk at midday can help you manage/handle loads of work-related stress significantly. This is one of the reasons most accountants, and even lawyers will take a stroll away from their workplaces just to relieve stress. Taking a stroll lets your mind wander elsewhere, and also enables you to breathe fresh air. It also causes increased blood flow to the brain, thus better stress management. A study published in the 2015 Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports confirms this as well. Skipping an extended lunch-break for a few minute-walk should help improve your concentration as well.

 2. Helps Curb Work-Related Stress

Workplace related stress can directly or indirectly affect your loved ones at home. Many people take longer to recover from tension due to unfinished work or even an upcoming presentation. Some will even vent this out to their families.  Taking an afternoon swim, or simply getting a 30-minute walk from work can however help stop the stress cycle really well. Walking and swimming are mostly recommended for they involve the heart more, meaning increased blood circulation and sweating. Remember to take a cold or warm shower after that to calm the muscles. You will be surprised how calm you will be at the end of the day regardless of what you might have gone through earlier at work.

Exercise Boosts Mental Clarity

 3. Regular Exercise Fights Depression

Lack of body exercise is a common cause of depression in many women today. Simply getting on your legs and walking around, swimming, and even jogging elevates one’s moods, hence an excellent way to combat depression and anxiety according to Chicago Therapist Clarity Clinic. Light and moderate exercises are recommended for everyone, including seniors.

 4. Gives You An Energy Boost

According to a study published in the journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity, individuals leading an active lifestyle tend to be more energetic, happier, and rarely suffer from fatigue.  This has been attributed to the increased respiration triggered when you work your muscles, which almost always contributes to higher energy levels.

 5. Helps Combat Cravings

According to research, most people will look eat more when idle than if working on something. Nevertheless, taking on strenuous exercise helps keep the brain focused on other things, thus reducing your hunger cravings. The best thing about exercising is that, you also get to shed off the excess weight and calories, stay in shape, and most of all, feel happier and empowered. This has been proven by a study conducted at the Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

 6. Makes You Content With Yourself

If you find squeezing in 1-hour worth of exercise to your timetable, you can then break it up into smaller bits. For instance, you can decide to indulge in strenuous workouts while you work by either taking the stairs, working while on your feet, or walking around during tea and lunch breaks.  Although it may seem like nothing at first, you’ll notice a significant improvement in productivity and ability to take on demanding tasks. Researchers at the Cambridge University England found out that men and women who cycle to work, or those that take stairs were able to stay happy all day long as compared to those that drive to work, or rarely exercise.