How Custom Coffee Packaging

Coffee is considered as an international drink as people all over the world love it. It’s not just a beverage, but it used for its stimulating effect because of the caffeine it has. I am also a big coffee lover and enjoy a mug of coffee every day it is more like an addiction to me, without which I cannot even imagine starting my day. Coffee beans can also be used as an air freshener, as the smell is so amazing that one can never get enough of it. In addition, when buying a coffee, the first thing that a customer notices is the coffee packaging.

Coffee Box Packaging

Due to the ever-increasing demand for coffee, many companies have started this business due to the ever-growing market. However, if you want the customer to buy your product, it is important to not only have a tasty coffee but the packaging should also be appealing to beat the competition.

Coffee Packaging Ideas:

·         The thing that is most enjoyed and liked by customers is a discount; they prefer a product that offers a huge discount. So to make your packaging more interesting, you can add discount coupons along with the purchased item so that customer buys again from you.

·         You can also send a sample of the product that your customer is not aware of and does not buy that product. So in this way, you will be able to let your customer know about your other products, and he liked the sample; he would also purchase it next time.

·         Who doesn’t like surprises; in fact, customers love surprises? You can add a small gift to the original purchase to add more value to the packaging, without letting the customer feel that you are trying to sell your product.

·         You can attach personal thank you notes and appreciation notes to let your customer know that your business is because of such customer and you value every customer.

·         Also, you can get the customer through your packaging to give their review on your page. This way your page will have more followers, and you will be able to get the feedback about your product, which will let you improve your product further.


Benefits of Customized Packaging on Sales:

Creates a good image:

New packaging means you have something new to give to your customer and the customer understand this thing. They do realize that if a company is changing its packaging, then it has something new to offer to its customer and who doesn’t like change. It will give a signal to the customer that you are doing something different and that what will grab their attention and help you build a new image of the company.

Improved Quality:

Normally it is expected that if a company has changed the packaging into a customized packaging, then it would also have improved its quality and therefore, consumers are attracted towards the product. They believe that if a customer is willing to change its packaging, then it will also be willing to provide a quality product to its customer. Therefore, in such a scenario, the colors of the packaging and the new design attract the customer, and he ends up buying the product.

Retention of Customers:

It is a known fact that how difficult it is to retain the customer in an ever-growing competitive market, so when devising a packaging it is very important to consider the existing customer along with the potential customers. So by customized packaging, the company will be able to revamp its image in the eyes of the existing customers, and they will also then suggest your product to other people, and this will eventually result in increased sales. 

Eco-friendly Packaging:

Since people have become aware of the environmentally friendly product and how it is, good for keeping our atmosphere clean and green. So if you mention on your product that the coffee packaging material used is eco-friendly and how the company is committed to making this environment pollution free. Then that would have a huge impact on the mindset of the consumer, and they will also be willing to pay more for that product.

Source of communication:

Packaging is the only source of communication between the consumer and the company and therefore, it’s very crucial for a company to focus on customized packaging. As through packaging company reflects its values and that how valuable is the customer for the company. Also, the colors used to speak a lot and make the packaging even more existing and force the customer to buy that product, and the graphics used in the packaging plays an important role in getting consumer’s attention.

Set the position of the product:

Often we underestimate the power of customized packaging and its effect on the consumer’s mind. So the customer will remember the packaging of the product if it’s beautiful and eye-catching. Like if you are following the penetration pricing policy, then you can keep the packaging to minimum design, but if you are going for skimming, then your product should look like it’s for upper class and its packaging should reflect that. In that way, you can give direction to your product.

Impulse purchase:

How many times I have bought things that I never wanted, but due to its packaging, I was attracted to it. Same happens with the customer, when he sees a customized packaging that is very lucrative, they end up buying it even if they did not want it in the first place. You can make your packaging innovative and eye-catching by adding designs, different texture, adding symbols, logo and some colors like red to create desire, or black to show the quality of the product, green to reflect that you are using green packaging or blue color that makes the customer calm and relax. You can also offer the customer a discount or give bundle offer to attract as many customers as possible.


Since the coffee selling market is already saturated and if a company wants to survive then it has to come up with something exciting and innovative like customized packaging. As that can become your unique selling point. Many companies like Starbucks are using this tool to attract customers. Like every year on different occasion, Starbucks change the design of the coffee cup like in Christmas, the color of its cup was all red with snowflakes and Christmas tree. So you can also do the same thing, you can make your coffee packaging colorful by using different colors, let the people know about your green packaging. Also, try to represent the taste of the coffee visually and communicate to the consumer that the beans used are imported ones and therefore, of high quality. You can also show a quality certified icon to let people know you are selling a good quality product.