How Clear Aligners Can Improve Your Smile

If you have mispositioned, crowded, or crooked teeth and you desire a perfect smile, clear aligners can be your best option. They are custom-made mouthpieces that can correct the complications named above. Jose Marcano, DMD is a cosmetic dentist at Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, offering clear aligners in Orlando and can help you achieve that beautiful and symmetrical smile. But how do clear aligners improve your smile? Well, the answers are herein.

How Aligners Work

Clear aligners are designed through the latest technology using advanced software, ensuring that they fit comfortably on your teeth. They can be made using digital scans of your teeth or using initial impressions. The aligners deliver the exact tooth movements critical for achieving an ideal smile by pitting some gentle pressure on your teeth, slightly repositioning them over time. You will need a set of aligners where you will wear each set for about one or two weeks before going for the other set.

Aligners Do More Than Just Create a Pretty Smile

Using clear aligners has more benefits than just giving you a beautiful smile. Note that misaligned teeth can cause other oral health complications. Besides, crooked or crowded teeth can make your oral hygiene and care difficult besides causing bite issues. You can end up having damaged or chipped teeth, chewing or speaking difficulty, tooth enamel wearing away, or tooth loss.

Therefore, straightening your teeth using clear aligners not only gives you a pretty smile but also reduces the risks of cavity, gum disease and also helps you improve your confidence by improving your speech.

How to Get Clear Aligners

Suppose you desire to improve your smile using clear aligners. In that case, it all begins with an office consultation where your provider reviews your dental health history, conducts an oral exam, and discusses your treatment goals. Your provider can also conduct an x-ray to assess the positioning of your teeth.

At Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Marcano uses an intraoral scanner to take impressions of your mouth and uploads them to a computer-aided design program. The impressions are taken to the lab to create your first set of clear aligners which you can try later, about a week after your first appointment.

How Long it Takes for Your Clear Aligners Treatment

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a step-by-step procedure that typically takes about six to twelve months. It is recommended that the aligners should be worn about 22 hours a day to ensure that the treatment process runs as smoothly as possible. You are only to take out the aligners to eat, but you have to put them back right after.

Benefits of Using Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are discreet. They are made of thin transparent plastic material, enabling you to preserve your image during your treatment without others noticing.

The aligners are comfortable compared to traditional braces as you won’t encounter irritations from brackets and metal wires. It’s because the aligners are smooth plastics that are customized to fit your unique smile.

The aligners provide convenience as they are removable, where you get to remove them while you eat or brush and take them back.

The clear aligners have also been found to work nearly twice as fast as the traditional metal braces meaning you can get your desired results quickly.

If you want to learn if clear aligners are your suitable option to improve your smile, you can reach out to Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Your provider will help you understand how you can benefit from the orthodontic treatment option.