Home Gym Power Racks

It is not a simple task buying a power rack, especially if you are new to it. However, with this detailed guide, you will make the best decisions once you know the features to look out for. I have also put together the top 3 home gyms 2018 for you to pick from if the numerous products in the market are confusing you.
The basic considerations when buying a home power rack includes the lifting experience, your budget, the space considerations, and the features it comes with.

Top 3 home gyms 2018 Power Racks

#1 XMark Fitness XM-7620 Power Cage
For those who prefer to push their body and minds to the breaking points, this is the right model. The premium power rack will hold up to intense workouts without failing you. It has a sturdy frame and rugged eleven gauge steel tubing with a weight limit of 800 pounds.

Even if you overwork the power rack, it has a lifetime warranty to cover you. The rack does not buckle and is easy to assemble. This all-in-one rack will make a great addition to your home gym.

#2 Body-Solid Pro Power Rack
In case you want a slightly cheaper option but still get the best performance, you can go for, then Body-Solid Pro Power Rack. It has a free weight training system for the challenging deadlifts and deep squats. It has a sturdy construction to eliminate all the worries as you execute your exercises.

The rack can bear up to 800 pounds of weight, whereas the dip bars and chin up can take a maximum of 400 pounds. It comes with a lifetime warranty so no need to worry about overworking the rack.

#3 PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack
This power rack provides the best value for money without compromising on safety or weight limit. It fits the budget and allows you to push your mind and body to the extremes.
This power rack is very roomy and safe to use in your private gym without having to worry about the weight coming down as you exercise. Its ten-year warranty ensures that your workouts are not interrupted.

Features To Look Out For

Hole Spacing
This is the distance between the notches on the upright stand. These are holes that the safety catches and j-cups insert.
The spacing varies among racks but is usually between 1 and 4 inches. I would not recommend any rack with hole spacing more than 3 inches.

Also known as j-hooks or pins, the j-cups come in pairs and insert into the power rack holes to allow positioning of the barbells at your desired height.

As you begin the exercise, you lift off the barbell from the j-cups and set it down back at the j-cups at the end of your session. Base metal j-cups are the best if you want it to hold plenty of weight.

Better quality j-cups are available. There are those with a small lip and is useful for bench press. Some have a UHMW plastic core or insert to prevent metal to metal contact. Some are built to withstand a higher weight capacity of 500+ pounds.

Safety Catches
These are used to catch the barbell below the bottom of the range of motion in case you fail in the process of lifting. They help in bench press if you do not have a lifting partner. There are many designs and weight capacities to choose from.

Weight Capacity Rating
I would recommend that you buy a rack with a weight capacity of 800 pounds and above. Not that you would lift that kind of weight, but you may want to dump several bars onto the catches and this will add the overall weight to the rack.

A lower weight capacity does not present lots of expandability options or strong construction. It may potentially have a wobbly base or have accessories that wear out faster than the other models.

Frame Gauge
Consider the thickness of the steel frame used in the upright and cross beams. This contributes a lot to the overall structure of the power rack. The lower the gauge number the thicker the steel and the stronger the rack.

Most racks use 11 gauge or 7 gauge. This is adequate to handle higher weights as long as the washers, bolts, nuts, and welds are up to par. As a beginner, a 12 gauge will be adequate for some time before you need to upgrade.

Other features include:

– Footprint: the total internal dimensions of the rack
– Power Rack Weight: the heavier the better the quality
– Power Rack Height: consider your ceiling when picking the height
– Pull up bar
– Dip bar handles
– Plate storage
– Bar Storage
– Cable Pulley System
– Hole Numbering On Posts
– Band Pegs
– Band/Chain Storage
– Landmine attachment


I have gone through all the necessary aspects that will help you in making the right purchase decision for your power rack. In addition, I have prepared the top 3 home gyms 2018 to help you quickly chose in case you are getting confused with the numerous models on the market.