Holistic Dental Procedures For Tooth Extraction

Your teeth are important to both your mouth and overall health. They also give your face that extra glow when you smile. Unfortunately, your teeth are susceptible to decay. In such scenarios, you should seek help from Richmond tooth extractions, where you will receive trustworthy care from Juan M. Carrillo, DMD – a dentist who is proficient in removing rotten or badly damaged teeth. Procedures to remove a badly damaged tooth include surgery and traditional extraction methods.

Why have a tooth extraction procedure?

Extraction involves the process of removing a tooth from its socket. Various reasons exist why people have tooth extraction procedures. These reasons include:

  •         Gum diseases
  •         Trauma by decay or damage
  •         Crowding teeth in the mouth

Other reasons that can lead to an extraction include the destruction of the pulp. Additionally, your doctor can recommend teeth removal should you have an infection in your mouth’s surrounding regions. You might also consider extraction when the dentist cannot carry out an effective root canal procedure. Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, makes other examinations to significantly reduce infection risk if you have a compromised immune system. In such a scenario, the doctor can recommend and perform a root canal to help safeguard your future health.

What happens during a tooth pulling procedure?

Exactions sound like a scary procedure. However, with the expertise and experience of Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, it becomes a simple medical procedure. The process requires a short appointment with little discomfort afterward. Your doctor will perform the procedure carefully to prevent infection or destruction of the surrounding teeth.

The procedure for tooth extraction is a simple one, though certain cases can present some complications. When removing your teeth, a portion may remain lodged on your jawbone. This will require your doctor to remove the gums in order to access the remaining part. The tooth extraction procedure also uses forceps that gently rock the tooth backward and forward until it can come out with ease.

Since blood often oozes out from the extraction socket, your doctor will provide you with gauze to prevent further bleeding. In extreme cases, your doctor will carry out a simple procedure to cover up the injured area. Nevertheless, after the process, your doctor will provide you with some safety procedures that are vital for faster healing.

Procedures That Follow The Tooth Extraction Process

Many options exist to help return your mouth to its former self. Juan M. Carrillo, DMD provides you with a series of procedures such as implants, partial dentures, and bridgework to help you enjoy a steak and other foods without discomfort or embarrassment. However, your mouth will need to fully heal before receiving any other medical procedure. Your doctor will advise you to continue biting the gauze placed on the injured gum until you reach home. Consequently, the biting must continue to prevent other issues, such as dry socket, that cause unbearable pain. Additionally, you will need to avoid smoking or drinking during the healing process. Drinking from a straw is just one way to help prevent an infection on the healing gums.

To remove that problematic tooth with an extraction procedure, or to understand additional dental techniques to help you eat properly, be sure to make an appointment with Juan M. Carrillo, DMD by calling or visiting the website.