Highly Effective and Personalized Care for Personal Injuries in Arkansas

Now that you are prone to experiencing pain at some point in your life, how do you deal with it to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities? Pain may be physical or emotional, but whichever the type, it steals your peace and joy, affecting your life quality. Physical pain may occur due to injuries or accidents and diseases. Many individuals usually use over-the-counter medications to relieve their pain. However, it is recommendable to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment. Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers offers comprehensive care for long-lasting pain relief and restored health. The Fayetteville personal injuries specialists provide top quality and expert care to stimulate faster healing and improve your health. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers specializes in regenerative medicine and advanced chiropractic care to relieve your pain and promote your health. The practice consists of a highly skilled medical professionals team who strives to offer personalized care to address all your health concerns. They look forward to making healthy and lasting relationships with their patients by improving their wellbeing and managing their chronic conditions. Visit them today to treat your chronic pain conditions and injuries and improve your life quality.

What are common personal injuries?

Personal injuries do happen in real life, including accidents or during a physical work activity. They may lower your productivity or performance, affecting your daily life activities. When they occur, it is essential to seek medical attention to reduce your pain and help you recover. Some of the most common injuries are:

  •       Sprained ankles
  •       Tendonitis
  •       Meniscus tears
  •       Labral tears
  •       Rotator cuff tears
  •       ACL tears
  •       Stress fractures
  •       Muscle strains and tears

The highly experienced team at Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers offers individualized care to minimize your pain and promote healing.

What is the diagnosis of personal injuries?

During your consultation, the board-certified radiologist, Dr. Harshfield, uses cutting-edge diagnostic services, including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, among other tests, to provide an accurate diagnosis of your injuries. With his highly skilled team, they also conduct physical exams and extensive consultations to evaluate your injuries and their severity.

What are the treatments for personal injuries?

At Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers, your provider develops personalized treatments based on your injury. However, most personal injury treatments involve combinations of therapies and procedures to relieve pain and enhance healing.

Your provider may recommend resting your injury, ice pack application, oral medications, and injections to minimize swelling and pain. Other treatments may include a cast, brace, or sling to enhance the proper healing process and lower your chances of reinjuring yourself.

Dr. Harshfield also offers innovative regenerative therapies like cellular therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections. These treatments enhance your body’s natural healing ability stimulating the production of new cells. The highly experienced expert uses your blood to create platelet-rich plasma serum and harvests stem cells from your hip for cellular therapies.

To sum up, the highly skilled team at Arkansas Regenerative Medical Center provides comprehensive care for your injuries to relieve your discomfort and enhance healing. They combine innovative and conservative techniques to provide the most effective diagnosis and treatments. Visit them today to reduce your injury pain and resume your daily activities.