Heatwave Safety: 7 Tips You Should Follow This Summer to Stay Healthy

Summer is here, the sun is out and it’s scorching hot. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. But, considering that the temperatures are rising day by day, we are obliged to do something to protect ourselves if we want to have a nice, safe summer. Of course, heatwaves are a normal thing with all the sunshine, so it’s really important to figure out what exactly to do in order to cope with the temperatures. So let’s take a look at some useful tips that will keep you as fresh as possible.

Take it seriously

Are you aware that extreme heat can kill? Yes, heat-related conditions range from mild rashes or cramps to severe cases such as heat stroke, which is potentially fatal. If you already have a certain disease or condition, heat can make it even worse. Also, know that heat-related illness can affect anybody but elderly people and people with a disability are most at risk. That is why you need to take this matter seriously and prepare yourself.

Hydration is a priority!

Heatwave SafetyYou cannot afford to be dehydrated during summer. Staying hydrated needs to be a priority because you have to make sure that your body functions normally. Without enough fluids, that cannot happen. Considering that sweating tends to be really intense because of the heat, you’ll be left with little energy and depleted electrolyte levels. So, always carry a bottle of water wherever you go. To make things even better, consider adding minerals or supplements to your diet. Just make sure to find a good chemist. Do know that it is possible to find a good discount chemist so don’t worry about the finances. After all, even if you have to pay a bit more for good vitamins or supplements, remember that you’re doing it for your own well-being.

Cold shower as a refreshment method

If you feel like you’re going to melt from all the heat, taking a quick cold shower will cool you down quite well. You’ll instantly feel refreshed and energized. Also, another good trick is to wash your feet and face with cold water before you turn in for sleep. It is believed that putting an ice pack on your neck can do wonders when it comes to lowering the body temperature. If you cannot find enough time for any of the mentioned ‘tricks’ from the paragraph, wiping a wet towel on your face can help. If you’re at the office and you cannot take a shower or something similar, go to the restroom, bring a small towel and give yourself a quick wipe of refreshment.

Eat light, eat regularly

Heatwave SafetyYour appetite will be reduced during this season. Don’t worry. However, it is important that you eat regularly because you need the nutrients to fight the heat and maintain your health. Therefore, follow a light diet that features summer veggies (squash, lauki, cucumber, etc.) and avoids heat-generating foods such as meat, eggs, and other proteins.

Add berries to your diet

Improve your diet this summer by adding more berries. Mix it up and throw in some blackberries, blueberries or strawberries in the blender. They’ll provide you with antioxidants that help prevent damage to tissues and reduce the risks of age-related illnesses. Also, do know that berries have lots of fiber, which certainly helps with high cholesterol.

Lights off!

Too many electric bulbs in the room generate heat. Therefore, switch off as many as possible and use only the ones you really need. For example, if you live on the top floor, there is a good chance that some heat will get trapped and you don’t want to make it even worse by heating your apartment additionally yourself. Keep the curtains drawn and turn off the lights.

Loose clothes never felt so good

An easy trick to stay cool is to wear loose clothes. You want to make sure that there is some good air circulation. Get rid of your synthetic clothes such as dresses or trousers and go with cotton. Even when you have to go out, keep yourself covered from the dangerous sun rays. This may sound obvious, but you won’t believe how many people don’t know about it.

Some of these tips may sound odd or easy but you’ll feel how useful they are. High temperatures can be dangerous, so do everything in your power to protect yourself and have a safe summer.