How to Stay in Shape: Healthy Tips for Pregnant Women

It’s essential that you get some exercise, eat a healthy diet, and generally stay fit during pregnancy. This benefits the health of both the mother and her unborn baby as well as reduces the risk of some complications during labor. Keeping fit throughout this period will also increase your recovery time post pregnancy. However, many types of exercise and nearly all sports should be avoided. Therefore, you need to develop a diet and exercise routine that will be safe in your current state and approved by your doctor.

The importance of staying fit during pregnancy has been proven by a great number of studies from different countries. To get the details, you can read some reviews:

You also need to understand that every woman is unique and personal health as well as specific contraindications must be considered when determining the intensity of allowed exercise. Pregnant women should avoid any active sports, especially those that come with a risk of trauma and fall. Gymnastics are also prohibited and even yoga should be practiced sparingly and in limited poses. That’s why in the majority of cases women have to rely on things other than workouts to stay fit while carrying a child.

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy: 4 Simple Tips

1.       Get some massage

The power of massage is often underestimated, but there’s a reason why it’s extremely popular among professional athletes. A pregnant woman can get all her muscles stimulated without doing anything strenuous during a relaxing session of remedial massage. This will also have the benefit of reducing stress and some aches caused by the changes in the mother’s body.

While massage won’t give you strong lean muscles, it can be used to keep your current shape mostly intact. Aside from passively working your muscles, the treatment also enhances blood flow, which benefits your health on several levels. Most importantly, unlike physical exercises, massage has no contraindications for pregnant women as long as it’s done by a qualified and experienced professional.

2.       Walk as much as you can

Taking walks isn’t a particularly strenuous exercise. That’s why it’s safe for any future mothers who don’t have any health risks. You should discuss this matter (and any physical activity you plan to perform) with your doctor beforehand. You will also need to cut down the length of your walks as you near your term.

To increase the safety of your walk, only go for a stroll through parks. Stay away from roadsides to reduce inhaling fumes. Don’t go out into the forest alone, even if you are familiar with the area.

3.      Swim whenever possible

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and one of the safest types of physical exercise you can find. Being in the water reduces impact on your joints. That’s why this activity is recommended to pregnant women and those recovering from an injury.

Due to the fact that swimming is actually an active aerobic exercise, it can be one of the most effective ways to help you keep pregnancy weight gain in check.

4.      Do your Kegels

Kegel exercises target the uterus and lower abdomen muscles and are non-strenuous, which makes them safe for the majority of future mothers. Practicing them as you try to stay fit during pregnancy will benefit your body most because they will help prepare it for childbirth.