Healthy Hobbies: 8 Extremely Fun Ways to Exercise

Working out isn’t exclusive to just routines at the gym! Try taking up one of these healthy hobbies that are fun ways to exercise.

The majority of Americans are exercising too little or not at all. Only 23% of people in America get enough exercise according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Why? The most common reason is that they haven’t found an exercise they enjoy. Most people associate exercise with hours at the gym or running miles. 

But, working out isn’t exclusive to just routines at the gym! Try taking up one of these healthy hobbies that are fun ways to exercise.

1. Cat Yoga

Looking for a healthy hobby? Why not try out cat yoga. 

Typical yoga can be hard and intimidating, but throw in some cuddly kittens and all the challenging expectations are gone. You’ll try classic yoga moves while kittens and cats roam around the room. This fun interaction will make your workout fly by. 

The best part about this exercise is that many classes are teaming up with local animal shelters. So while you get a fun workout, the cats get the socialization they crave. Who knows, you may even find a new pet in the process!  

2. Personalized Dance Classes 

Everyone loves to dance, but not everyone is good at dancing. If you limit your dancing to the kitchen, it may be time to expand your skillset and get healthier at the same time. If you have available space, you can even install a ballet bar in a room to help you do some ballet moves and stretches.

Setting up personalized dance classes is a great option for beginners. This way, you can choose your dance style, music preferences, and skill level. You can also decide if you want to dance with other people or just your instructor while you start out. 

The options are endless! 

Discover more about these classes to see if they’re right for you. 

3. Gardening

Do you have a love for the outdoors and fresh flowers? If so, you might not realize that gardening is actually a pretty good exercise. 

Think about your normal gardening routine.

Squatting down to pull woods or plant flowers. Hauling large bags of soil or mulch. Using tools like a wheelbarrow, rake, or shovel. 

All of these movements get your heart rate up! While it might not be as intensive as running a marathon, it’s a fun way to sneak a little bit of exercise into your day. 

4. Playing with Kids

If you have kids, grandkids, or even neighbors, you know how active they can be. Instead of letting them play on their own next time, join in on their fun. 

Spend a few hours at the playground running around. Visit the community pool and spend the day splashing around. Or set up an obstacle course in your backyard and compete for the best time. 

Kids are great at playing and burning up extra energy. Take a page from their book and embrace your inner child. We bet you’ll have fun while doing it! 

5. Get Physical

Everyone loves a little bit of physical intimacy in the bedroom. What’s better than having sex with your significant other? Burning off a few extra calories while doing it! 

The average woman burns 69 calories during sex. Want to kick it up a notch? Try a new position, go for round two, or just extend the fun a little longer. 

Not only will this improve your physical health, but it will help with your relationship’s health too! 

6. Join a Rec League

One of the best hobbies for weight loss is by joining a recreational sports league. If you were a sports player in high school or have always wanted to try a new sport, this option is for you. 

Visit your local gym or YMCA and ask for a list of their rec leagues. Find a class that speaks to you and sign up. 

The best thing about adult leagues is that they are more casual than your high school days. No one thinks they’re going to get a scholarship or signed to a college team when playing. Instead, it’s all about having fun with like-minded adults. 

7. Go Exploring

Yes, running three miles just to lose weight sounds awful to most people. Instead, you can lace up your tennis shoes with the intention of exploring new locations. 

Find local trails in your area and go sightseeing. Plan to hike or bike different parts of the trail until you explore everything that it has to offer. Odds are you’ll come across some interesting wildlife and breathtaking views. 

Or, if hiking isn’t your style, explore more urban areas. Does that expensive shopping district in the town over pique your interest? Spend the day window shopping and walk up and down the block. 

8. Enjoy the Water

Many people feel at peace near water, but it’s also a great place to sneak in an exercise. 

Thrill-seekers can try water skiing, tubing, or even wakeboarding. All of these activities burn a lot of calories but are also fun. All you need is a speed boat and an open body of water. 

If you like your exercise a little slower paced, try kayaking or canoeing. You can even just swim a few laps around an indoor pool if you don’t have any local lakes or rivers. 

Or, if you prefer not to get wet, walk down a sandy beach and enjoy your surroundings. Walking in sand is more challenging than walking on pavement and you’ll use more muscles this way. 

Enjoy These Fun Ways to Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, these are just a few of the many fun ways to exercise. 

As long as you are moving and you get your heart rate up, it counts as exercise! If you hate going to the gym or running, no one is forcing you to. Find a workout that’s best for you and stick with it. 

Visit the weight loss section of our blog to get more ideas for your next workout.