If most of us had it our way, we have the fountain of youth in our backyard. That anti-ageing consumer products industry mints billions of dollars in profits just shows how far peopleare willing to go and how much they are willing to spend while at it in order to hold onto their youthful looks even as they age. That is not taking into account the cosmetic procedures to make people look younger.

There are less expensive ways to ward off the effects of aging – at least for a couple of years. A few lifestyle changes can increase your longevity and make you look young. You can’t stop the years from turning but these healthy habits will help you keep looking young.


Regular physical activity will ward off the effects of aging and keep you looking younger than you actually are. Exercise helps keep your body in shape and your mental faculties in top condition since it burns fat and alleviates stress.

Exercise strengthens your bones and muscles which are important in maintaining the proper posture.

Aerobic exercises like running and cycling improve the circulation of blood and helps with the removal of waste products from your body.

Furthermore, being physically fit improves your immunity and is great for keeping your skin supple and smooth.

Regular medical checkups

Regular medical checkups are important in detecting and treating diseases early before they become chronic and unmanageable.

Most diseases can be treated when diagnosed in good and therefore go annual medical checkups especially if you are over the age of 40.

Create a beauty routine

Keeping your skin healthy will not only make you younger-looking but can also help improve your well-being. Create a morning and night beauty routine by first looking out for products that are perfect for your skin type. Make sure to start with a clean face. Clean skin is a happy skin! Then proceed in applying toner and moisturizer. You may use serums and creams depending on your skin’s needs. You can apply retinol cream to treat acne, eye creams for dark circles, and serums for a more glowing effect.

Adequate sleep

Getting adequate sleep every night is healthy habit that is guaranteed to make you look younger.

Sleeping soundly gives your body time to refresh, rebuild and replenish your energy levels. Inadequate sleep is harmful to your mental health as well as your physical health.

Sleep deprivation results into grogginess, ugly eye bags and low energy levels which will affect your concentration levels as well as your ability to engage in any meaningful physical activity and makes it harder for you to lose weight.


Socializing with other people and feeling loved can significantly lower your stress levels.

Stress exacerbates your risk of developing mental illnesses like depression and Alzheimer’s diseases and puts you at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

If physical interaction is not tenable due distance and other commitments, use social media and Free Forum Hosting sites to engage and interact with your loved ones and peers.

Lower alcohol consumption and quit smoking

Excessive alcohol consumption increases your chances of developing liver cirrhosis and a myriad of cardiovascular conditions. Worse even, it dehydrates you which can lead to premature appearance of cracks and wrinkles.

Smoking makes you age faster and puts in line of developing lung cancer and many other forms of cancer. It also makes your lips dry and flaky and adds a couple of years in your appearance to your actual age.

Eat healthy

Fruits and vegetables have essential nutrients to keep you looking young. Have a balanced diet and avoid processed foods which contain lots of preservatives and are unhealthy.