Health and Wellness in Titusville

Daly Integrated Medical Group is known to offer quality services aimed at not only treating the symptoms of a disease but guiding your body through all the healing phases. Dr. David Daly in Titusville believes that an individual’s immunity has the ability to fight diseases under the right temperament. The providers at the center use a multidisciplinary approach to enhance the efficiency of their services. Their services will improve your functional ability and quality of life. For more information, schedule an appointment with the facility today.

Meet the Providers

There are several providers at this facility. Patients are free to select their preferred provider. Chiropractic physicians and certified Acupuncturists are Dr. David and Barbara Woo, Dr. Alexander Smithers, a licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Candice Vaknin, a nurse practitioner, Tom Grasso, a licensed massage therapist, and Dr. Genise Brim, who is a registered chiropractic assistant.


One of the main services the providers at this facility emphasize is patient education. The providers recommend several wellness centers that can help a patient gain his/her general well-being. Some of the services offered at Day Medical Group include regenerative medicines to patients, IV nutrition, chiropractic care, sciatica, therapies such as acupuncture, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and platelet-rich plasma, just but to name a few. If you wish to learn more about their practice, schedule an appointment with the facility.


The facility emphasizes patient education through its regular updates. Patients or the general practice can learn a thing or two from the blog articles the center has on their page. Visit their website to have a look at some of these articles.

Testimonials & Reviews

Daly Integrated Medical Group appreciates and values feedback from their valued patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.86 out of 5-star rating from ten collected reviews. Furthermore, you can reach out to their website and check out what other people are saying. They would also love to receive your feedback.

How to Contact

Patients can reach out to the facility through a mobile phone or schedule an appointment online using the online booking tool. Additionally, patients around Titusville and the greater Florida area can visit the center at its office locations. Use the help of online map directions from their webpage to guide you in case you have trouble finding a location.

Daly Integrated Medical Group is open from 9 am to 6 pm and operates from Monday through Friday. You can send a text message to your selected provider through the facility’s web page if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding Daly Integrated Medical Group.

To sum up, Daly Integrated Medical Group focuses and is committed to providing quality care to every patient at their practice. The providers incorporate advanced medical technology and techniques to ensure they not only treat the patients’ conditions but ensure they follow up with his/her recovery. Patient education is also one of their primary concerns, teaching patients about healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Schedule an appointment today through mobile, or use the online booking tool to request for one.