Have a Gastric Sleeve Procedure For a Slim and Healthier Look

Have diets and exercises not worked to reduce your weight? Well, if you are that person, then you should try a gastric weight loss procedure. With an expert of gastric sleeve in Port Chester, you will have a reason to smile with a slimmer, healthier body. AMI Surgery offers these services and more, with your weight goals in mind to give you your desired body size that can both impress and improve your health.

What do you need to know about the gastric sleeve weight loss procedure?

Considering surgery is one of the boldest moves you can ever take, and this procedure will guarantee you get the right body size in a safe environment. However, before doing so, you will want to know the risks associated with the procedure. The procedure is complicated, and you will need a full understanding of the surgery before having one. Your doctor at AMI Surgery will give you all the information you need to know about the surgery before making examinations that will determine your suitability. The operation involves removing part of your stomach and with the ultimate goal of reducing your weight. The procedure targets your eating habits, and after the services, you will notice that you eat less.

One other advantage of the surgery is that removing a part of your stomach will reduce the release of hormones that make you want to eat all the time. All these interventions will help reduce your size and help fit you into the body you desire.

How is a gastric sleeve surgery different from a gastric bypass?

A gastric bypass helps you avoid digestion in your stomach as the food reaches your intestines much faster. To accomplish this, your doctor will create pouches that make your food skip parts of your stomach and go straight into the intestines. On the other hand, with a sleeve surgery, you lose your stomach area, helping you eat less and lose more weight.

The best candidates for a gastric sleeve are those with a high BMI. Therefore, if your BMI exceeds 40, you are the best candidate for the procedure. If yours exceeds the recommended size, your doctor will discuss with you the options, including gastric sleeve surgery, for the best results.

What should you expect during a gastric sleeve surgery?

The surgery takes about an hour. The laparoscope is the instrument your surgeon uses for the procedure, as it has tiny cameras to check what is deep inside your stomach. Using the camera, your doctor will cut off a section of your stomach to have it at the right size to configure your weight.

Cut down on your weight with a gastric sleeve surgery from AMI Surgery. Understand how it feels to reach closer to your aesthetic goals with a slim look and a healthy body. Reach all these goals by making an appointment on the website or calling the center for help.