Glowing Skin is Always In: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Look After your Skin This Summer

Indeed, it’s during summer when most people have various issues about their skin. The sweltering heat, humidity, pollution, and many more, wipe off our natural glow, and can sometimes draw in infections.

For the most part, sun damage can potentially lead to having dark marks, premature wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer. If you think highly of your skin, then it’s important that you take care of it, most especially during summer, when Ultraviolet (UV) levels can unleash havoc on your bare skin.

To avoid all these tumults, and maintain glowing radiant skin, you can follow the five foolproof ways below. As such, you’ll be ready to come up against the scorching sun’s rays without risking the health of your skin.

Use the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity even if it’s not yet summertime. With the help of this beauty product, you’ll get protection against skin cancer and sunburn. Today, sunscreens are available in creams, lotions, gels, ointments, spray, and wax sticks. Some variety even has tint and glitter too.

Of course, staying out in the sun can also be great for your skin because it provides Vitamin D, which is not usually in most foods. However, too much exposure to the sun’s rays can have harmful effects.

To look after your skin, be sure to select a sunscreen that suits you. Go for sunscreens that have SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or SPF 70. Whether you’re working some errands during summer or just a beach bum, don’t forget to re-apply it every 2 hours to secure a safe and fun summer.

Eat Foods with a Cooling Effect

What we eat can significantly affect how we feel and look. With that said, if you’re likely to eat fatty food, it’ll make you feel tired and slow-moving, especially in the summertime. Plus, it can make your skin vulnerable to breakouts and become oily.

As a solution, opt for seasonal vegetables and fruits. It’ll keep your skin hydrated and glowing. You can try natural alternatives or vegetable juices such as coconut water to feel fresh and hydrate yourself.  Also, steer clear of drinking sweet drinks that contain too many calories. Instead, intake plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses a day.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your skin is a must. It’ll give you a much smoother, clearer skin. Exfoliating your skin is one of the basic rules of having glowing, radiant skin. It removes or clears away the dead skin cells, preventing congestion and enhance hydration form moisturizers and toners.

If you let these dead cells on your skin, it’ll make you look dry and dull. Thus, regardless of how much lotion you put on your skin and how frequent, you’ ll never going to have a radiant, glowing skin anymore.

So, take a body scrub and shower. Lightly rub the exfoliator on your body (in circular movements) from your shoulders down and wash off. Have a different exfoliator intended for your face and neck only. Remember to exfoliate regularly (at least 2 to 3 times a week).

Wear Sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the scorching sun is by wearing sunglasses. Know that there’s a sensitive and delicate skin around our eyes, which is liable to suffer from aging.

In worst cases, staying under the sun for too long can increase the chances of acquiring cataracts and melanoma. So when choosing a sunglasses, be sure to select those with strong UV protection (at least UV 400) and pick a lens color that’ll suit your needs.

For instance, brown lenses are for accurate color contrast. Gray is for accurate color correctness and yellow is for depth perception. You can buy sunglasses intended to protect your eyes against the sweltering heat of the sun in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Using Lip Balm

Under the scorching heat of the sun, it’s best to keep your makeup to a minimum. And perhaps the most affected feature of your face is your lips. It’s the typical site for lip and skin cancer, especially if you’re under the sun exposure for too long.

To shield your lips from such problems, be sure to always apply lip balm or lip gloss with a sun protection factor of 15. By doing so, rest assured that your lips will look fresher than ever. It’ll also help you avoid getting actinic keratoses. You’ll know if you have actinic keratoses if you have scaly, cracked, peeling lips.


Everyone gets excited when summer is here. Some are planning their family vacation or wants to tick off at least one off of their travel bucket list. However, summer also means scorching heat and pollution, which can detriment the health of our skins.

Fortunately, there are sure-fire ways on how to take care of your skin in summer. By using the right sunscreen, eating foods with a cooling effect, exfoliating regularly, wearing sunglasses, and using lip balm, you can have a glowing, radiant skin not only in summer but all year-round.