Glo Digital Online Yoga Classes

Glo Digital Online Yoga Classes

Glo is an online platform for online yoga classes that provides people from all backgrounds with a place for silent meditation. We strive to provide all our customers with a quiet place that is free from the destruction and noises in the world we live in. Our online yoga classes surpass life stages, levels of experience, aspirations, and backgrounds. This means anyone can join our classes from stay-at-home moms, students, artists to CEO’s Olympians, teaches and yoga beginners. We utilize the digital space to offer you meditation and education that is meant to offer fulfillment in your life and improve all aspects of your life. We have unlimited access to our online classes, and there is also a free trial if you wish to try us for the first time.

Digitalized yoga classes

The essential part of our yoga classes is that they can be practiced anywhere and everywhere provided you have a digital device. Glo strives to provide a convenient space that can be accessed from anywhere at all times. This way you can continue with your daily tasks and still practice yoga. Glo is efficient for busy individuals that do not have the time to visit a physical yoga class. The convenience of our platform is that any time you feel tense, uneasy and stressed, you can meditate by a simple login to the Glo website.

Taking Glo online yoga classes also comes with flexibility. The yoga classes are not scheduled to take place at a specific time, and therefore, you can adjust them to fit your schedule. This provides you with a flexible online yoga schedule that you can take whenever you are free. For instance, you can take a class at midnight after a long day at work or early in the morning before getting ready for work. The flexibility also extends to your location. You are free to practice our classes wherever you find suitable be it at your backyard or in your office at work. We have experienced yoga professionals on our team that are ready to guide you on the yoga classes whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Guiding you

We plan to guide you through our classes an ensure you learn simple yoga practices such as lifting into inversions, building and gaining physical strength and learning to invite sleep. We also provide you with simple yoga tips that you can practice at your lunch break and in your car as you wait for traffic or food at a drive-by. All you need to have are goals ready that we will help you achieve day by day. You can also set new goals that you wish to attain through meditation and mindful practices. The best thing about Glo online classes is that you can own your practice. We are there to guide you with our various classes, but only you can choose the practice that works for you.

We are always updating and expanding our online library classes to suit your needs and practices. There are plenty of online yoga classes that you can choose from and practice at any time. If you are worried about finding time to practice our meditation, you should worry less. Our classes span from five-minute classes to ninety-minute classes. Therefore, you can choose a class convenient with the free time you have. If it is a quick lunch break for a meeting, you can take the five-minute class, and if it is a lazy Sunday, you can’t take classes with more time.


Here at Glo, we strive to provide you with quality online yoga classes at your convenience. We create classes that can be adjusted into your busy schedule.