Getting Quality Chemical Peels in San Antonio

With the intensity of the sun coupled with the pollution that we experience daily, our skin gets the harshest punishment. You are likely to develop wrinkles, scars, and fine lines because of the impurities and also due to age. With the best chemical peels in San Antonio, you will get your skin looking radiant and healthier again.

The scientific field is continually coming up with specialized techniques in cosmetics. One of those is chemical peels and is quickly gathering pace, with an increased number of people coming for the service.

In this article, you will get a description of what entails chemical peels and the risk factors involved. If you have any skin conditions, read ahead, and get an idea of the best methods required to replenish your skin.

Understanding chemical peels?

These are advanced cosmetic treatments that target the face. They are useful in improving the appearance of the skin whereby acne, fine lines, and wrinkles will be reduced.

Before the start of the procedure, the specialist cleanses the skin to remove any debris and dirt that may be present. After the cleansing procedure, specialized chemical solutions are applied to the damaged area, thereby triggering an exfoliation process. The dead skin cells will eventually get removed to reveal healthier and radiant skin underneath.

After the exfoliation is complete, moisturizers and soothing creams can be applied to bring about excellent results.

There are various strengths involved in chemical peels. There are mild and deep peels applied to different individuals depending on the level of skin damage. Mild peels are usually used during facials and professional skincare routines, enabling the skin to keep smooth and healthy.

Deep peels involve stronger chemical solutions due to heavily damaged skin. It may be due to acne scars, wrinkles, and deep fine lines. If a person is getting a deep peel, a topical anesthetic is recommendable to reduce the discomfort that may arise.

Why come in for a chemical peel?

People come for chemical peels to improve the appearance of their skin. However, other conditions require chemical peels, including:

  •         Uneven skin tone
  •         Scars on the face, hands, and neck
  •         Acne scars
  •         Redness of the skin
  •         Wrinkles due to sun damage and aging
  •         Fine lines

What are the risks and side effects of chemical peels?

The common side effects associated with chemical peels are temporary and wear out after a few days. These include:

  •         Slight swelling
  •         Dryness
  •         Redness
  •         Stinging sensation

After a chemical peel, the skin needs protection from harmful rays of the sun, and constant moisturization is a must.

Therefore, don’t let your skin deteriorate to such an extent the damage may be uncorrectable. With chemical peels, you will be able to correct the harmful effects of the environment and aging to make your skin look youthful and radiant. 

We understand that to feel and look confident, the skin is a crucial part of any effort. That is why at Sauceda Dermatology, we apply the best techniques to exfoliate the dead skin cells using safe solutions to reveal your healthy skin underneath. Therefore, book an appointment at our facility to bring your best look back.