Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad -The Pros and Cons

If you’re considering having weight loss surgery to drop the pounds fast and achieve your ideal body size, you’ve almost certainly come across clinics in foreign countries offering to carry out the procedure. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of having a gastric sleeve surgery abroad, helping you decide whether this might be an option for your own weight loss journey.

Let’s start with the pros of going abroad for surgery:

A gastric sleeve surgery abroad is more affordable

A typical UK private clinic can charge anywhere between £8,000 to £10,000 for a weight loss procedure. By travelling abroad, you could potentially halve that cost. Even when flights and accommodation are factored into the equation, you could still be looking at savings of over a third.

Surgeons abroad are highly skilled

While some people might think that surgeons abroad receive inferior training to those at home, the reality couldn’t be more different. A gastric sleeve surgery abroad puts you in the hands of very skilled surgeons, partly because private clinics rely on their reputation for ongoing success and because many of the countries abroad famed for weight loss surgery have very high training standards and safety legislation.

Waiting times are reduced

Compared to the typical waiting times of the NHS, a gastric sleeve surgery abroad lets you fast track your health goals and receive treatment on your own terms. These days, wait times in the public healthcare system can be six months or more, and that doesn’t include the initial approval process.

You need approval for surgery

Most people are aware that they’ll need approval for weight loss surgery if they’re aiming for treatment on the NHS. However, few people realise that many UK clinics also require approval from an insurance company and filing reams of paperwork before surgery can take place.

You can take a vacation and recover in style

Having gastric sleeve surgery abroad allows you to combine your operation with a relaxing vacation. The reduced costs of surgery abroad mean that even if you choose to stay at a five-star hotel, you’ll almost certainly still save money compared to having surgery at home. Besides, a private clinic will certainly offer nicer surroundings than the typical drab hospital ward.

What are the cons of having a gastric sleeve abroad?

By now, it’s pretty apparent that weight loss surgery abroad offers many benefits over undergoing a procedure in your home country. But surely there are some cons to traveling abroad? Well, you could argue that long transit times and an element of culture shock could make your procedure more uncomfortable than simply staying at home. However, if you choose a destination such as Riga, Latvia, you’ll experience culture and climate similar to back home, with short flight times to a pleasant and charming city with world-class weight surgery clinics.

Summing up

If this article has convinced you that having weight loss surgery abroad might be a better option than at home, or that Riga, Latvia might be an ideal destination for surgery, head over to our site to find out more about surgery for weight loss Latvia.