Gain Control of Your Weight

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines an obese individual as a person with a BMI of 30.0 or more. Excessive body fat increases your chances of developing life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Though BMI has limitations to metrics, New Rochelle obesity experts will advise you to watch your diet and change your lifestyle to minimize your chances of being obese. NY FITPROS specialists use diet plans and supervised exercises to help you lose the excessive, stubborn fat that prevents you from living a satisfying life.

What makes you obese?

Consuming more calories over time will lead to obesity. This is because your system finds it impossible to burn out the excess fats, which end up piling, causing weight gain. However, it is not only the calories and a sedentary lifestyle that cause obesity. Other causes of obesity include

  •         Aging. As you age, your muscle mass lowers and your metabolism reduces, making weight gain easy for you.
  •         Inadequate sleep. When you fail to have enough sleep, you will likely experience hormonal changes that could make you hungry and crave high-calorie foods.
  •         Pregnancy
  •         The weight you gain during pregnancy might be hard to shed off. When this fat piles up over time, it could lead to obesity.
  •         Genetics and specific health conditions
  •         Though specific individuals have genes that make it hard for them to shade off excess calories, various health issues are likely to cause weight gain. The health conditions include hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, and osteoarthritis.

What is the weight-loss solution for obesity? 

At NY FITPROS, the weight-loss experts offer their patients a personalized weight-loss plan that will guarantee you a great chance of success. While focusing on your safety and support needs, the facility’s professionals will take you through a dedicated approach that will prevent you from developing weight-related complications like diabetes. The facility’s customized approach will help you figure out the internal and external factors contributing to weight gain. Thus, the plan will help you prevent or reduce obesity-related complications.

The personalized lifestyle evaluation plan includes

  •         Brain health assessment.
  •         Medical exercises to assess your weight-gain patterns, risk factors, and possible complications.
  •         Evaluation of your body’s ability to burn fat and body composition test.
  •         Reviewing your medication regime to eliminate medications that enhance weight gain.
  •         Reviewing your eating habits to check out your calorie intake and having a nutritionist develop a personalized meal plan.

What exercises do specialists recommend for obesity?

Individuals are different, thanks to their unique physical features and health needs. Therefore, no exercise plan works for all obese patients. Before your doctor recommends an exercise that will best work for you, he will take you through pre-participation screening to evaluate your health and fitness levels. At NY FITPROS, the professionals use modern tools and methods to assess your body functions before establishing your best-suited exercise program.

Through the facility’s SMART START assessment, the specialists will be able to assess your exercise capability.

Obesity is costly and common in both young and old individuals. Your diet and sedentary lifestyle are not the only determiners you should check out for your struggle with obesity. Contact the experts at NY FITPROS for more information or schedule an appointment online.