Full- Scale Health and Aesthetic Services at Women’s Health and Spa

Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa offers full-scale health and aesthetics in Pearland, Texas. The health center is led by OB/GYNs Tamika K. Cross, MD, FACOG, and peace Nwegbo-Banks, MD, FACOG, who are board-certified. The team aims at making its practice the best place to get patient-centered care in a safe environment. Some of the services offered include; birth control, pregnancy care, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cyst, and well-woman exams. The team also offers a variety of non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as; dermal fillers, facial and microdermabrasion.

Birth Control

Birth control enables one to plan his/her family and the future the way he/she wishes. People who need birth control are people who are sexually active and do not want to conceive a baby at the moment. There are different types of birth control options; short time hormonal control and long-acting birth control option.

  •       Short time hormonal control; to prevent pregnancy, all short-acting birth control use progestin and estrogen. This type of birth control stops ovulation, thickening of cervical mucus, and thins the uterine wall. Examples of short-acting hormonal birth control methods include; use of oral contraceptives taken every day, a weekly birth control patch, the use of the vaginal ring worn for three weeks at a time, by use of injection after every three months. A high degree of consistency is needed for pregnancy prevention.
  •       Long-acting birth control; this category includes birth control methods such as intrauterine devices and birth control implants that last 3-10 years.

The third method of birth control is the use of barrier options.  This includes; use of diaphragms and condoms, which block sperm from entering the uterus. Some women use nature as a way of birth control; one of the natural ways of birth control includes tracking menstrual cycles and ovulation. It is important to discuss the time frame for safely discontinuing birth control if one needs to have a baby. At Serenity Women’s Health Med Spa, the team gives women an opportunity to make proactive choices and plan their families as they wish.

Well Woman Exam

Well Woman’s Exam is critical to a woman’s health and well-being, even if one feels healthy and does not have any symptoms that need medical care. It is an opportunity to check into your health and have a screen for any signs of diseases that may not show in the early stages. Some of the examples of diseases that do not show symptoms during the early stages include; high blood pressure, cervical cancer, STDs, and diabetes.  Maintaining a routine health screening is the best way to diagnose such conditions early so that an individual can make modifications in his/her lifestyle and also get medications to protect his/her health. High blood pressure is an early sign of a heart attack, so diagnosing early enables an individual to change diet and increase exercise habits since they lower blood pressure and reduce risks of serious illness.

Everyone is welcomed at Serenity Women’s Spa, where the team offers supportive and caring services, and competence is guaranteed.