Five Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Help You Lose Weight

There are countless ways to lose weight and any of them can be effective. You only have to look elsewhere on this site; there is even a weight-loss scheme based on hormones – and if one of these works for you, then great.

What I am going to share with you, though, is a way of losing weight that doesn’t involve missing out on your favorite foods, nor running until you’re fit to drop. Both of those in moderation would certainly help as well, mind you.

The “secret” I have to share is giving up alcohol.

My name is Andrew and I’m an alcoholic. I have said those words in all seriousness more times than I care to remember because I really am a recovering alcoholic. And not only that but my propensity for alcohol led to me taking drugs too, anything from marijuana to cocaine and ending with my drug of choice: meth. I’m sorry if this sounds like some sort of perverse boast, but it’s an unfortunate fact about me. I even went to prison for two years due to trouble caused by my addictions.I know that I have an addictive personality.  And if you don’t want to stop drinking, maybe you do too.

The good news is that I have been clean and sober now for nine years and have rebuilt my life completely. I’m a successful businessman with a talent for all things tech and life is good.

My excess weight was just one of the problems I had to deal with when I was on the road to recovery after alcohol rehab and drug rehab, and I have five things to tell you about losing weight by giving up alcohol.

  1. It starts immediately
    We’re all looking for a quick fix these days (that’s not meant to be a pun), and the fact is that as soon as you stop drinking, the process will start to reverse. That’s because you will lose the fluid that has been swilling around your system, sorting out the alcohol and the toxins associated with it.So at first, it’s like pulling the plug out of the bath. The water that has been making you look bloated literally goes down the drain, and with it should go your despair, because you’re now on the right road.
  2. It keeps happening
    Because alcoholic drinks inevitably contain calories, as long as you don’t consume them, you won’t have them to get rid of. You’ll want to keep tabs on the other ways you take on calories, of course, and avoid eating more to compensate. The body has a way of drawing you towards what it lacks or wants, so if it’s not getting the sugar it used to through your endless vodka and orange juices, you may find yourself craving the orange juice. Many alcoholics drink OJ, in fact. Maybe because it’s got a little kick to it on its own, or maybe because you’re subconsciously getting some fruity vitamins to add to the good you’re already doing by not having alcohol. Just remember that what makes fruit so delicious is mainly the sugar they contain, which is why we tend to take an orange or an apple to munch on at work, rather than a head of broccoli or some handy bitesize brussels sprouts. Keep eating and drinking sensibly and you will keep losing weight.
  3. You will naturally feel like getting some exercise
    We all know we’re supposed to exercise to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping,and the joints moving, but a hungover athlete is a lazy athlete. You just don’t feel like it when you’re a bit groggy from the night before. Take away the alcohol and you take away the reluctance: it’s a double whammy. You may have a natural aversion to exercise, of course, but at least you won’t have any artificial obstacles to clear.
  4. You will eat better
    A boozy body is already full of bad stuff and it seems to crave other bad stuff. That’s why rational, intelligent people will get a pizza on the way home from the bar or will be making themselves a sandwich as soon as they’ve finished their evening meal.If the alcohol is not in your system it will not be urging you towards a curry you don’t need or a bag of salted peanuts just for something to do. It’s a question of attitude, and the whole thing makes no sense – but it happens.
  5. You will sleep better
    Many drinkers think it helps them to sleep, but the opposite is true. The idea of going out like a light because you’re so heavy with drink may work for that first instant, but your body will be dealing with the alcohol all night, so it can’t devote its attention to getting a good night’s shut-eye. Quality of sleep, that’s the thing. And sleep affects so many different aspects of our lives. A well-rested body deals with exercise better and, as we’ve discussed, makes us more inclined it does it. It speeds up the metabolism so we process the food better. And it makes us feel more peaceful and less disposed towards comfort eating.You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty simple decision to make if you want to lose weight. Unlike water and food, alcohol is not one of the essentials of life. It’s an option and a bad one.

    Is there more to it than that in your case? If so, please leave a comment and tell us about it. Likewise, if you have experience that backs up this assertion. We’d love to hear about it.