Five Surprising Results of Weight Loss

Whether you’re aiming to lose one or a hundred pounds, weight loss has significant benefits for your overall health. It lessens the strain on your organs, muscles, and joints, improves your hormonal balance, sleep, and self-esteem, and helps to relieve stress.

Weight loss can also lead to results that you didn’t expect! In this article “Weight Loss tips“, we’ll take a look at five of the most surprising.

You’ll be cooler…literally!

People who have lost substantial amounts of weight tend to report that they feel colder than they used to. If you’re carrying excessive amounts of weight, particularly in the torso, it can be more of a challenge to cool down in warm environments. This is due to the insulating nature of fat, as well as the reduced surface area to weight ratio of overweight folks. Skin acts as a key part of our temperature-regulating mechanism, and when this ratio is reduced, it prevents heat transfer away from the body.

When people lose weight, not only does the amount of fat in the body reduce, but it increases the skin surface area to weight ratio. This makes it easier for the body to regulate temperature, and you might find yourself reaching for a sweater more often!

You might need new shoes

Believe it or not, most people who lose significant amounts of weight notice that their feet become smaller. Overweight people may store some of their fat around the lower extremities, plus feet and ankles tend to swell more as weight increases. When the weight is lost, both of these issues may resolve, necessitating an urgent trip to the shoe shop!

You may feel more comfortable in your skin

Losing weight tends to lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. You’ll likely feel a new lease of life that gives you the strength and assertiveness to pursue your goals in other areas of your life. Weight loss can simply make you feel more assured within your body.

If you’re struggling with excess skin after weight loss, there are surgical interventions that can help. Speak with a qualified surgeon to explore your options.

You could be able to ditch your meds

Some conditions are intensified by excessive weight. These include joint problems, chronic pain, diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. Losing weight may lead to significant improvements in these conditions. Countless people have been able to reduce or entirely eliminate their intake of medication to control chronic illnesses. Weight loss can also help to prevent development or worsening of preventable diseases.

Working out won’t be a chore…maybe!

When you’re starting out on your training program, heading to the gym or an exercise class can seem like a massive chore. You’re not alone! The good news is that a reduction in weight tends to make the task less daunting! You’ll have more energy, better flexibility, and a spring in your step that comes from carrying fewer pounds. Although we can’t guarantee that waking up early to go to the gym will ever be an inviting prospect, you’ll certainly enjoy the workout when you get there!