Fitness Marketing Strategies To Get Familiar Now

Now that the New Year has started and resolutions are still fresh, it is a prime time to market your fitness business. Today, your fitness audience is growing and many people would like to work out their holiday guilt. This is the reason why January is crowded because many people like to burn their calories after the holidays.

So how can you capitalize during these peak times? This article will explore the different fitness marketing strategies and ideas you can use for your business.

Entice Clients with the Special Intro Promotions

This tip applies to many industries. However, this is also important for the fitness marketing industry since space is crowded this year more than ever. In the US alone, the industry is growing at least 3 to 4% annually for the past 10 years. 

So how can you stand out among others? Think of a special way to entice new clients to try your fitness services. Think about offering more than a free bottle of water at the gym. Offer something more generous like having a personal training session, one week of free classes, or a free month of fitness after subscribing to your health or wellness app.

Whatever you come up, make sure that it must be compelling to provide prospects a taste of what they could be getting by subscribing to the product or service that you offer.

One example can be offering an open house week by providing free classes to the community.

Indeed, this trick will make people get interested in your business. This is also considered as a successful way of getting new contracts signed. Once the prospects get a taste of how they could improve their lifestyle, they will be more likely to make a new financial investment on their fitness.

Provide Compelling Success Stories

Fitness marketers need to solicit reviews from their satisfied and happy customers. Moreover, these reviews are considered as one effective marketing strategy.

For example, if you have high ratings on Google-approved review platforms; you can include this in your Google search ads. You can use customer quotes for display and social ads. Try going a step further by filming a compelling testimonial video of your customer.

In a nutshell, if your customers are happy, you need to leverage this to help your fitness marketing strategies. Indeed, this will bring a substantial impact on your business.

Share Motivational Tips or Advice

The thought of sharing motivational quotes will make your eyes roll. But you can do this in a non-cheesy way. As with the tip above, share success stories from past or current clients.

Your potential leads may be considering the products and services you offer and they just need an extra push to make the purchase. One way to do this is by providing them the benefits they can have on your business. Motivate your clients and encourage them to commit to your business for a long period.