Fitness Made Easy on Your Next Trip to Santa Clara, CA

Taking a trip can come with all sorts of challenges that throw your personal routine off. Your food is different, your bed is different, and you must adapt your workout routine to fit your destination. Don’t think for a minute that you must forgo your training routine just because you are out of town. The city of Santa Clara is full of different resources where you can keep your body active while on a business or holiday trip. Simply choose your favorite fitness spot and get to sweating!

Water Front Parks

Just north of the city of Santa Clara sits the San Francisco Bay, as well as Baylands Park: a 70-acre park that features a bayside view, hiking trails, playgrounds, and a wetlands reserve. Get fit in the sun while using the hiking trails for your run, practice calisthenics on the playground monkey bars, or bring your yoga mat for a relaxing yoga or Pilates session on the grass, all while enjoying a view of the Bay. If you prefer a park with paved walkways versus trails for your daily run, take a look at Santa Clara Central Park. This park includes basketball courts, picnic areas, and a swimming pool. The best part? Gorgeous California foliage and pond fountains surround the park for a picturesque feel.

Hyatt House

One of the most comfortable hotels in Santa Clara is the Hyatt House Santa Clara. This is located in a lovely quiet community that is just a bus shuttle away from attraction like Levi’s Sports Stadium, Intel Museum, and Santa Clara lifestyle center for restaurants and shops. The Hyatt House is the perfect place to stay if you want to keep up your fitness regimen. The hotel houses a beautiful and clean fitness room that includes workout machines for both cardio and strength building, a complete set of dumbbells, and exercise balls. Another fitness amenity included is an outdoor pool, where you can swim laps for an excellent cardio workout, or simply swim for leisure.

Gyms and Clubs

Santa Clara has no shortages of fitness gyms and fitness clubs around the area. There are over 20 gyms located around the city, such as an Anytime Fitness, Bay Club Santa Clara, and a 24-Hour Fitness (for those who need flexibility for their workout times). Many of these gyms offer guests a flat, weekly rate that allows you to visit as many times as you want during the extent of your stay in Santa Clara. Of course, the public gyms will be more budget friendly than the fitness clubs, but the fitness clubs may offer guests amenities such as steam showers and saunas that the regular gyms might not have. Choose a gym based on your luxury preferences and budget.

Whether you like to stay indoors for your fitness routine or prefer a sunny atmosphere to get your heart pumping, Santa Clara offers wonderful facilities and scenic areas to help keep you on the road to a healthier body. Choose the right place for you and enjoy your stay in Santa Clara.