Factors to Consider when Taking Modafinil for the First Time

The human mind possesses incredible power. But when the same mind struggles to focus due to tiredness or lack of concentration, it can leave an individual in a frustrated state of mind. This is where the smart-drug Modafinil comes into the picture. Whether you are suffering from daytime sleep disorders or fatigue, Modafinil is probably the best answer to your problems. This powerful stimulant can promote wakefulness and enhance your cognitive performance. But before you can experience the benefits of this wonder drug, you must keep a few things in mind. Mentioned below are a few essential factors to consider when taking Modafinil for the first time.

Timing of taking the drug

It is necessary to pay attention to the timing of taking the drug. Ideally, Modafinil should be taken 30 to 45 minutes after you wake up. This gives your body some time to wake up naturally before you take the drug. Be aware that Modafinil takes about 30 to 40 minutes to start its action. Since the action of this drug lasts for around 10 to 12 hours, it is better to take it in the morning. This way, you will be able to fall asleep at night and wake up with a fresh mind the next morning.

Dosage of the drug

In order to derive maximum productivity out of your Modafinil day, you have to identify the dose that best serves you. The dosage of Modafinil can vary from person to person. For many people, 100 mg works best while for several others 200-300 mg is the perfect dose. If you are taking the drug for the first time, you can start with a 100 mg dose. Depending on your comfort level and your requirement, you can increase the dose to 200 mg later.

Intake of food and water

It is better to take the drug on an empty or semi-empty stomach. You can also take it on a full stomach if you want. But then it might take longer for the drug to begin its action. Be aware that Modafinil can act as an appetite suppressant. So, remember to take your food as per your regular schedule, even if you may not feel any hunger pangs due to the drug’s influence.  Ensure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as dehydration is one of the common side effects of this wonder drug.

How to avail Modafinil?

Modafinil must be availed from a reliable vendor. You can easily avail it from reputable online pharmacies like Nixest that serve customers from various parts of the world. The best part of availing Modafinil from a dependable online pharmacy is that you can get the drug delivered straight to your home without any effort.

It is natural to feel a little apprehensive while using the drug for the first time. But if you follow the points mentioned above, you can have a pleasant and productive experience of using the drug time and again.