Evidence-Based Mental Healthcare in Chicago

Mental health issues affect around half of the adult population in the US at some point in their life. Launched in 2011, Uptown Psych is a practice dedicated to providing quality and evidence-based mental health services to patients in Chicago and the greater Illinois area. The team of psychiatrists and therapists hand in hand, address a wide range of mental health problems such as Chicago bipolar disorder. All patients, regardless of age, are welcome to the practice. Schedule a consultation today to find out more about these services.

Meet the Providers

The team of specialists at Uptown Psych consist of board-certified therapists and psychiatrists. Every patient is guaranteed a welcoming environment created by these caring and compassionate professionals. The practitioners focus on providing wholesome and individualized care to every patient, which addresses their mental, psychological, and physical health. Patients are free to choose their preferred provider. The team of specialists is open to any concerns or queries patients might have about the practice.


At Uptown Psych, the providers specialize in a wide range of mental health problems for adults, children, and adolescents. These services are patient-centered to ensure that the individual condition is completely the focus. Some of the conditions addressed include attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, addiction, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, sleep problems, autism, anger management, and more.

Uptown Psych understands the mental health problems require urgent medical care, especially when it leads to suicidal thoughts. For this reason, the facility is available for emergency care operating under extended hours. Patients can benefit from evidence-based services such as group therapy, support and solution for adolescents, and DBT- informed skills group. Some of the treatments offered include psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, suboxone, to name a few. Visit the center’s website to learn more about the practice through the videos posted.


Uptown Psych emphasizes patient education through their blog articles. These articles talk in detail about the facility’s practice. Check out these articles on their website to learn a thing or two about the various services offered.

Open Positions

For those who are interested in becoming part of their team, the facility has some open positions for you. Uptown Psych is looking for a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and H1B Visa Physiatrist Opportunity. Visit the website to learn more about the requirement details.


Uptown Psych offers several patient forms on their website. Patients should fill out these forms before the consultation with their selected provider for convenience purposes. Some of the available downloadable patient forms include HIPAA form, Credit Card form, financial policy, new patient intake, email policy, and visits.

Testimonials & Reviews

Uptown Psych values and appreciates patient reviews form their valued patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.85 out of 5-star rating on 13 collected reviews. To read what other people are saying about the practice, visit the website.

In conclusion, Uptown Psych is a top-notch mental healthcare practice. The licensed psychiatrists and therapists incorporate evidence-based, and customized treatment plans to provide quality care. These services can address a wide range of mental health problems such as ADHD, disorders, anxiety, depression, and more. To find out how these services can help restore and improve the quality of your life, schedule an appointment today through mobile or book online.