Everything You Should Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee injuries are a common problem affecting about one million Americans. The injuries result from sports injuries, accidents, and medical conditions, leading to swelling, pain, and stiffness in your knee, disrupting your daily activities. Pavel Muradov, MD, at Integrity Orthopedics, specializes in providing top-quality knee reconstruction to ease your pain and restore your health. The Katy orthopedic surgeon offers comprehensive knee and hip surgery to treat your problem and enhance better living. If you are having knee pain or your knee hurts, consider contacting Dr. Muradov to get checked. Schedule your consultation today by calling their office or online.

Total knee replacement, what you should know

A total knee replacement is a state-of-the-art surgical treatment to remove the damaged parts of the knee and replace them with artificial elements. The procedure aims at restoring mobility and relieving pain. Typically, it involves removing the shinbone, thigh bone, and kneecap and replacing them with metal and plastic pieces.

Dr. Muradov uses top quality and the latest modern implants to enhance effectiveness and help you return to your physical activities. If you need a knee replacement, Integrity Orthopedics is the place to be. Consult them today.

When should you consider a knee replacement?

Although orthopedic surgery is highly successful, it is usually the last option for treatment. At Integrity Orthopedics, Dr. Muradov first recommends and offers conservative treatments and only suggests total knee replacement after following non-surgical treatments:

  •       Physical therapy
  •       Medications
  •       Weight management
  •       Injection therapy

You will require knee replacement surgery when you experience severe knee pain that does not go away even after treatments. Various forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid, post-traumatic, and osteoarthritis are the critical reasons for having a total knee replacement.

Types of knee replacement treatments

Your provider Dr. Muradov may recommend different knee replacement procedures depending on the extent of your knee damage. The board-certified orthopedic surgeon is highly qualified and provides outstanding care during your knee treatments. It may include:

Partial knee replacement

This type of knee replacement focuses on replacing only one part of the knee. This procedure is ideal for not more than 10% of patients with arthritis. Dr. Muradov carries out partial knee replacement using the Mako robotic-arm technique.

Total knee replacement

Your provider removes cartilage and some part of your bone from all joint parts in the total knee replacement procedure and substitutes it with metal and plastic elements.

Minimally invasive knee replacement

Dr. Muradov is an expert in minimally invasive knee replacement and provides extensive care to enhance healing. He carefully makes an incision on your knee to reduce soft tissue damage.

What to expect during recovery after knee replacement

Recovery time is different for different patients depending on the type of procedure performed. However, Dr. Muradov walks with you after your surgery to enhance the entire functioning of your knee. You may need physical therapy, wound care, and pain management to allow total healing.

Consult Integrity Orthopedics for all your needs on knee replacement procedures. Call them today or book online to schedule your appointment.