Everything you Need to Know About Adult Acne

Throughout our younger years, some of us may have been bothered by the odd spot springing up on the end of our nose or chin from time to time. For others, you may have been plagued with the dreaded teenage crises of acne. The good news is, it eventually clears up and those days of being a spotty teenager are soon buried in the past.Unfortunately, for a large amount of us, this dreaded phase can creep back up and can take us by surprise later in life. Yes, adult acne is real and we are going to learn exactly how to deal with it.

Who is Affected by Adult Acne?

Adult acne affects mostly adult women of menopause age but it can affect both males and females typically over the age of 21.Even if you have not been affected by acne as a teenager it can occur later in life.

What Causes Adult Acne?

The most common question in relation to this skin problem may be, ‘what causes adult acne?’. There are several possible factors that can contribute to this skin issue which could be related to lifestyle and diet but it can also be caused by changes in hormones, stress and reactions to medication or skin products.

A common reason for adult acne is a change in hormones which typically affects women in their mid to late twenties. Hormones that affect the oil glands and hair follicles can become over stimulated resulting in acne.

Medications and skin products can trigger acne through certain chemicals found in the likes of corticosteroids or birth control pills. If you feel your acne could be caused by medication, speak with your Doctor about the possibility of switching to something gentler.

Stress is a common cause of acne flare ups caused by the overproduction of the hormone androgens which causes an excess in oil production leading to break outs. If you are able to control your stress levels through natural methods of de-stressing, you may be able to clear up acne without seeking alternative treatment options. Discover the best method for unwinding by givingmeditation a go or even yoga or different forms of exercise that you enjoy.

A major cause of acne that people often experience is diet. What you put into your body can affect what happens from the inside out. Many people claim that a diet high in sugar can contribute to skin breakouts while others believe dairy can play a big role in skin problems. If you are trying to get to the route of your acne problem, try keeping a food diary to detect what could be the breakout culprit. There are also a number of diets you can follow such as the ‘I Quit Sugar’ diet where you can follow a specific meal plan to try and kick your adult acne to the curb.

Be mindful of what you are applying to your face as this can be something that causes skin irritations. Many of us may experience reactions to cosmetic products we are using such as face creams or make up. What we apply around our face can also cause harsh affects such as hair sprays and gels. Try switching your products to ‘kinder for skin’ ones or make sure you are cleaning your face well with a deep cleaner. Try Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser or the Foreo Espada Acne-Clearing Pen both highly recommended for problematic skin.

Could it be our environment? Our skin can react negatively to where we live and what our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Weather and pollutants can cause harmful effects on our skin which maylead to acne problems. If you work in a busy city you may be exposed to more impurities and bacteria than you would if you lived somewhere less populated and with cleaner air.

Clinic Treatments

Now that we have determined all possible causes of acne, it is time to discover ways on how to treat this dermatological problem.Although it is sometimes a good choice to go down the natural route, depending on your skin type you may not find these methods effective. Another way to treat acne is to visit your local skin clinic and seek their advice on the best way to treat your adult acne. An innovative acne treatment is a DermaSweep; a vacuum system used to carefully remove the top layer of skin and remove dead skin while blood flow is stimulated and cleanses pores. Renowned clinics such as the Cranley Clinic in London perform this treatment as well as several other acne tackling procedures. Find your local skin clinic to discover the best acne solutions for you.

Natural Treatments

Unfortunately, treating acne can involve a lot of trial and error, but with determination you are bound to find the treatment that suits your skin best. A lot of people like to opt for natural home remedies instead of using products that contain chemicals that can be harsh on sensitive skin. Sometimes it is best to use what mother nature has given us to treat ourselves.

Have a go at whisking up your own cleanser by using a mixture of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, probiotics and tea tree oil. This gentle remedy will soothe your skin while fighting bacteria and replenishing your face.

Once you have cleansed, it is important to tone to balance out the pH values of your skin by using a toner. Make your own homemade all-natural toner with two simple ingredients; green tea and apple cider vinegar. Unlike some store-bought toners that may contain harsh irritants and chemicals, these natural ingredients are kind on all skin types. Green tea acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to help heal and repair. Apple cider vinegar helps get that natural pH balance back to normal.

If you are bothered by adult acne there is no need to panic. Trial and error to find the best solution for you and you are bound to be on your way to achieving clear, glowing, healthy skin.