Enhance Dental Health at Every Life Stage for You and Your Family in Virginia

If you are looking for the convenience of one location for all your family dentistry needs, Advantage Dental Care has you covered. The Springfield, VA family dentistry practice enhances dental health throughout every life stage. Avoid the hassle of moving through different dental offices for yourself, your kids, or aging parents. Advantage Dental Care welcomes patients of all ages. To find out more about family dentistry, schedule an initial consultation through mobile or use the online booking tool today.

What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is the dental medicine section that focuses on diagnostic, preventive, and general dentistry needs for persons of all ages from pediatric dentistry to adult dentistry. The family dentists of Advantage Dental Care have similar dental training as all the dentists. Moreover, they’re also highly trained and experienced in kids’ unique dental health needs, special needs individuals, and seniors.

Can One Practice Offer Dental Healthcare for Your Entire Family?

One of the significant benefits of scheduling an appointment at a family dentistry practice such as Advantage Dental Care is that it lets your whole family see a single dentist. Besides being convenient, a family dentistry practice like this saves you time and streamlines the process of scheduling consultation, accessing dental health records, and receiving preventive care on time.

In addition, you can schedule dental health appointments for several members of your family on the same day. It reduces the number of visits required to make sure everyone access top-quality oral healthcare.

What Is the Significance of Taking Your Child to A Family Dentist?

Aside from having skills in pediatric dentistry, a family dentist knows about your child in the light of your family. If your younger child isn’t keeping up with their oral hygiene, but an older sibling is, a family dentist will arrange their dental cleanings at the same time to give the younger sibling some support.

As an added advantage, if your children outgrow pediatric dentistry, they won’t need to see a new dentist because Advantage Dental Care sees patients of all ages.

What Additional Services Do A Family Dentistry Practice Offer?

At Advantage Dental Care, you can access top-quality family dentistry services in addition to an extensive range of other oral healthcare procedures. This cutting-edge practice is dedicated to offering a single-point location solution for your entire family’s dental needs.

Ranging from general dentistry treatment to restorative dentistry for dentures, crowns, or tooth-alignment alternatives, you’re in able hands at Advantage Dental Care.

In conclusion, Advantage Dental Care is a full-scope general dentistry practice that offers top-quality care for patients of all ages. The facilities are geared toward optimizing patient comfort with movies to watch, magazines to read, and free Wi-Fi. They remain open till late so that patients with tight schedules can schedule their appointment at their convenience. If you seek a new dental home for yourself, your kids, or the rest of your family, schedule an appointment today at Advantage Dental Care through mobile or use the online form.