Endodontic Specialists in San Antonio

If you have infected teeth, you should visit a specialist who promises to relieve your pain. Endodontic specialists are trained and experienced to offer treatment to natural teeth, ensuring that you maintain your dental structure to achieve a bright smile. At Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio, you will find Dr. Rick D Davis, who is always ready to offer the necessary assistance. Together with Dr. Rick Schwartz and their medical staff team, they provide the most advanced endodontic care to patients experiencing tooth problems. They treat patients of all ages, ensuring that you and your family can have optimal dental health.

What is endodontics, and what do endodontists do?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of natural teeth. The profession aims at preserving and protecting your natural teeth. It is concerned with treating the dental pulp and the tissues around the roots of your tooth. An endodontist is a highly skilled dental specialist who diagnoses and treats tooth pain and performs root canal treatment.

The specialist uses state of the art equipment and techniques to provide effective treatment to patients. The equipment and techniques used at the clinic include 3D imagery and digital radiography. These techniques produce clearer images quicker than conventional dental X-rays that are still in use in many clinics around the country. The photos are also more informative and produce less radiation. With these techniques, an endodontist can diagnose the exact cause of the tooth problem and, therefore, offer the best treatment solutions.

When to visit an endodontist

If you develop the following symptoms, it will be advisable to visit an endodontist:

  •       Tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold beverages or food
  •       Discoloration that traditional teeth whitening cannot correct
  •       Pain in your teeth
  •       Swelling of the tissue surrounding your affected tooth

Why choose Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio

If you want to preserve your natural teeth and smile, the team at the clinic can help. There are various reasons why it will be the right choice of visiting the clinic, including:

  •       Well trained and experienced doctors

The facility is run by highly trained endodontics and dental care specialists that guarantee results regarding any tooth problem. Dr. Davis has spent four years attending his postgraduate studies after graduating from dental school. He has decades of experience in endodontics and general dentistry. He presents courses to endodontists and dentists internationally. Therefore, you will be in safe hands when visiting the center for treatment for your dental ailments.

  •       State of the art equipment

Every treatment room at the center is equipped with modern technology, such as microscopes. The doctors offer diagnosis using digital radiography and 3D images, ensuring that the root cause of your pain is identified, making it possible to personalize your treatment solution.

  •       Passionate doctors

The endodontists at the clinic led by Dr. Davis are passionate about their profession and aim at improving the general dental health of their patients. At the facility, you will meet the caring staff that works hard to preserve your natural teeth and smile.

Visit their health facility for effective treatment solutions.

At the center, you will be able to get treatment for your dental needs. The doctor offers advice on how to maintain your teeth after your visit, and you will enjoy the hospitality from all the staff at the clinic.