Electronic Cigarettes is Better For Your Fitness

Find a group of youth huddled up somewhere or at a party smoking, and the most likely outcome will be that they are using E-cigs. E-Cigs are the new and improved versions of cigarettes that allow you to enjoy smoking as usual, while drastically reducing your chances of getting a lung infection or cancer.

These small gadgets are electronic devices that emit various amounts of vaporized nicotine or other flavored solutions for the user to enjoy as they would normally do with a normal tobacco cigarette. With the ongoing fight against cigarette smoking around the world, E-Cigs could not have come at a better time. Having been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of getting cancer, governments and health organizations, especially in the UK have been at the forefront in encouraging its tobacco smokers to switch to E-cigarettes. 

(Recent report from Public Health England have been able to show a steady rise in the number of E-Cig users, which has helped to boost health amongst smokers). 

Since their introduction, E-cigarettes have come out in different brands from different manufacturers all trying to ensure their customers get the best product. The V2 cig has, for instance, being the most popular brand of E-cigs especially amongst the youth who are the most active users. Athletes are mostly made up of people who are still in their youth and are still prone to most temptations. As such having a V2 cig instead of a tobacco cigarette is a plus for someone looking for stay fit for longer.

Research has repeatedly proven that smoking tobacco is harmful to your health hence the constant campaigns against cigarette production. The very many chemicals that one ends up ingesting when they smoke tobacco cigarettes have an overall negative effect, and would thus not be advisable for someone claiming to be an athlete. The tar you ingest for instance will line up against and corrode your lungs, reducing their elasticity. This along with the carbon monoxide that you will inhale will hurt your heart and reduce its ability to properly pump blood that you need during your exercises. Studies have shown that most people who smoke tobacco usually run out of breath quicker during an exercise.

An E-Cig on the other hand greatly reduces your risk of suffering from lung and heart problems thus making them good for someone who wants to smoke and still maintain their fitness. E-Cigs do not have the many negative chemicals such as tar that are found in tobacco cigarettes, making them quite friendly to your lungs. The nicotine-based E-liquid has also been shown to boost one’s energy as nicotine is a known stimulant, thus making E-Cigs a must have for someone who exercises constantly.

We also already know of the now popular sport, cloud chasing, meant to enable the youth to exercise their creativity and prowess as they play around with their E-Cigs. The V2 cigs are a favorite amongst cloud chasers. E-Cigarettes are, therefore, healthier alternatives for people who need to smoke and still maintain their body fitness by exercising.