The Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking In 2018

Deciding to stop smoking is the first step to a better life. Everybody knows the dangers of smoking and, on paper, quitting is an easy decision to make. However, the act of stopping is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. So, do your research and buckle up, because quitting is immensely hard but incredibly rewarding.

Why Do You Want to Quit?

Set yourself a clear goal. Steer clear of vague statements about health and define an exact reason for quitting. Whatever your reason, make it real and measurable. Sign up to a race, play with your grandkids, hold a musical note. Having a goal provides a motivation which facilitates a single-mindedness essential to breaking an addiction.

When Do You Want to Quit?

Pick a date and stick to it. Destroy all your cigarettes, pipes, cigars, whatever it is you’re quitting, and start fresh on the date you picked. Don’t wean yourself off or cut down on your intake before the date. Just pick the date and stop completely. It’s a mental hurdle that’s essential to quitting permanently. Know in your own mind that you’ve smoked your last ever cigarette.

Change Your Routine

Identify the times and situations you smoke the most and change them. If you smoke during breaks with friends at work, avoid the situation and take your breaks elsewhere. If you like to smoke in the evening, consider going for a run or taking up a hobby in that time. Exercise can be a great replacement for smoking as it will give you a similar endorphin rush. Don’t avoid smoking-situations completely, however, as you must ultimately come to terms with being able to resist in even the most difficult situations.

Occupy Your Hands

Smokers have a psychosomatic impulse to hold a cigarette in their hands and light it in certain situations. Your brain has connected the high you get from satisfying your cravings with the act of physically holding the cigarette.

You can combat this by occupying your hands in any number of ways. Read a book, clean the house, and write a letter. As long as your hands are busy, that aspect of your addiction will be satisfied without the need to actually smoke.

Get Help

You are not alone. There is a whole host of technology and advice out there to help you quit. Research support groups or helplines in your area and find the best fit for you. Find a quitting buddy to talk to and share experiences with.

E-cigarettes have been proven to help smokers rely less on tobacco, and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is clinically proven to be doubly effective as quitting on willpower alone.

If you’ve made the decision to quit smoking then your motivation is already there. Now you just need to hone it into the right direction and combine it with knowledge and willpower. You may have transgressions and sometimes feel like a failure but, ultimately, if you respond to those blips in the right way you will be successful. And your life will improve immeasurably as a result.

If you decide to give vaping a try then it’s important to follow the correct steps. So make sure you learn more about the nicotine in e-liquids before you decide to buy any vape supplies, as to cut the cravings properly it’s important for smokers to start with the right nicotine strength. Given it a quick research we found that this post covers a lot of useful information to help you get started.