Don’t Buy From Oregon Kratom Until you Read This!

While most retailers and online Kratom vendors generally put their customers first, there’s a company called Oregon Kratom that’s doing just the opposite. Located in Sheridan, Oregon, 60 miles Southwest of Portland and 93 miles Northwest of Eugene, the owner David Linzmeir registered (Registry#137100699) the business entity “Oregon Kratom” with the Secretary of State on October 18, 2017.

According to a recent Oregon Kratom Reddit post, the business was once well-respected throughout the Kratom Portland Oregon & Kratom Eugune Oregon Communities, but somewhere along the way, the business has taken a turn for the worst. So, for those  thinking about buying products from them, they should continue reading this Oregon Kratom review before making any such purchases.

Before we reveal the facts clouding the legitimacy of Oregon Kratom, let’s first take a look at the legal standpoint of Kratom in the State of Oregon.

Is Kratom Legal in Oregon?

As of 2020, Kratom in Oregon is legal to buy for those who are 21-years of age and older. Although there have been numerous attempts to ban Kratom products, the bills have not passed the legislature. Kratom today can be purchased at many corner markets as well as a number of online vendors; however, a new bill is known as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) that was introduced back on January 27, 2020, could take effect on July 1, 2020, if it passes legislation.

Kratom Legality Oregon 2020

If the KCPA passes, which it looks like it just might this time around, then vendors of Kratom products in Oregon will be mandated by state law to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All Kratom product labels must disclose the ingredients as well as the active alkaloids present
  • Kratom shall not be mixed with artificial fillers, substances or other synthetic ingredients that are deemed to be “dangerous to buyers” under the new Kratom Oregon State’s law
  • All Kratom products have to be registered with the Department of Agriculture
  • Selling to anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited
  • All Kratom products will be subjected to lab-testing
  • Those who fail to abide by the KCPA are subject to civil penalties

The scope of the bill is also subject to change before it goes in front of legislators on July 1, 2020. Regardless of changes to the act, having it pass will ensure that people are getting what they paid for. Additionally, it will also help to keep Kratom legal in Oregon and eliminate shady vendors like Oregon Kratom and many others.

What’s the Story Behind Oregon Kratom?

Oregon Kratom operates as a physical storefront and online store in Sheridan, Oregon, where numerous complaints have been filed by irate and dissatisfied customers. The site itself is not professional, even by a long shot. They do not list any Kratom products on their homepage or information about their products. Instead, they provide contact information via their online contact form or by phone, but they do have several options for driving directions.

Oregon Kratom’s Home Page

This should be a red flag to any potential buyer who is looking for Kratom in Oregon because one shouldn’t need to call or wait for an email reply to obtain information about products for sale on a company’s website. However, their homepage does contain one link to their Facebook page and a picture displaying boxes of a recent shipment of Kratom supposedly from Indonesia? Overall, Oregon Kratom’s homepage is very unprofessional and nothing more than a contact page that lures in unsuspecting victims.

Oregon Kratom’s About Us Page

Their “About Us” page is one sentence long, and it describes the Kratom products that they sell with their website address attached at the end of it. No doubt, this is far less than what most professional businesses write about themselves. In order to view of the few products that they claim to have for sale, one must click the gallery feature in the drop-down menu. The same poor-quality can be seen here also with a few scattered photos and no real information about the products themselves.

Oregon Kratom’s Testimonials

A quick review of the testimonials would make one think that this is a legitimate business with several customers praising the quality of the Kratom products and customer service of Oregon Kratom but buyer beware. This is not a legitimate Kratom business, they have several consumer complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Oregon’s Secretary of State.

The testimonials on their website are most likely written by the owner because there are only three of them. They paint Oregon Kratom in a positive light leaving one to believe this a reputable business. However, if one were to scroll down and click the “READ MORE,” they would see a whole different story.

Online Oregon Kratom Reviews

There are literally many many negative online reviews about Oregon Kratom across several platforms. The results of these reports are eye-opening and should raise a big red flag. With so many negative consumer reports, it’s amazing how this business can still be in business? Overall, the business has a very bad rating with less than 3-stars on several review sites.

Some of the online Oregon Kratom reviews from real consumers include the following, but are not limited to:

  • One consumer reported, after he paid for his order, he never received it. He’s been trying to call the phone number (1-503-383-8069) for four months without an answer, return phone call, or the Red Thai Kratom he paid for.
  • A disabled husband and wife who live just miles away bought some Kratom from them, and the husband could see the color of the dye packs that Oregon Kratom used to color some type of synthetic substance they used as a filler. They have made numerous attempts to make contact with the business but to no avail.
  • Another husband and wife team who live 1.5 miles away, drove to the physical residence of Oregon Kratom (25300 SW Loganberry Lane Sheridan, Oregon) and discovered a red barn with chickens running free and no contact insight. After calling their phone number several times, they went back home and ordered Kratom from them. The customer verified the money was taken out of their bank account, but the Kratom never showed up and the business will not return their voicemail messages.
  • A frequent Kratom buyer said he thought the product was high quality, but the business lacked in customer service, which included a bad shipping experience, and he won’t do business with them ever again. He is actually one of the lucky ones who got Kratom that wasn’t altered.
  • Kratom Deals, a reputable business bought some Kratom from Oregon Kratom and said the owners stole $862.32 from them and sent them a bad check when they asked for their money back. They reported that the owner also swore at them and hung up the phone.
  • A resident in Ohio, claims that it’s been 2-months since he ordered his Kratom and still has not received the product. He said he’s out $97 dollars and the company will not return his emails or phone calls.
  • Another Kratom buyer reported that in order to leave a review, he had to at least give them 1-star, which was in his opinion far from what this business deserves and called them crooks and a bunch of heartless scammers.
  • An anonymous Kratom buyer called Oregon Kratom “a criminal organization” and claims this was once a trustworthy business, but since the owners got ripped off on a Kratom deal a few years ago, they are now taking that out their customers. He also said the Department of Justice is currently investigating several police reports. His last statement should be warning enough. Additionally, he said they will not ship any Kratom products and just keep the money.

The above online Oregon Kratom reviews barely scratch the surface. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of honest customers who have been ripped off by Oregon Kratom. Under no uncertain terms should anyone ever buy Kratom from this villainous and untrustworthy business.

How Bad Kratom Businesses in Oregon Affects Legitimate Ones

By and large, bad Kratom businesses like Oregon Kratom are affecting the quality of service and products that legitimate Kratom businesses provide. Since Kratom is not an FDA approved product as of yet, to keep Kratom legal in Oregon, the KCPA bill is almost necessary in order to weed out the shady Kratom vendors. While some of these less than trustworthy vendors do furnish a good portion of Kratom in their products, it’s still not 100% pure Kratom.

They buy Kratom from merchants in Southeast Asia just like reputable businesses do, but they add artificial substances and fillers to make the product go further. In the drug-dealing world, drugs like cocaine and heroin are often “cut” with synthetic substances, so the drug dealers can make more money. In the US, the same thing is currently happening with Kratom, not just in Oregon, but across the rest of the states as well.

The KCPA should prevent many of these bad apples from making it to the marketplace, and there are many people who are supporting the act, including a number of trustworthy Kratom business in Oregon. Most likely, the mandated law for third-party lab-testing will put many of these shady companies out of business, which is what the bill is aimed to do.

When someone buys Kratom, they should be able to get what they paid for because in many cases, people buy Kratom for a variety of health conditions and personal reasons. Diluted Kratom can be a big turnoff for those who are looking for a safer and all-natural solution as opposed to prescription medication. The reason for this is, they do not receive the benefits that pure Kratom is designed to do. Not only does it not provide beneficial effects, but it can also contain substances that are not safe for human consumption.

Medical and Expert’s Opinions About Kratom

Although there are some medical experts who will not openly write their professional opinions online or in printed publications due to the lack of FDA support, there are many that do. Quora and Reddit are just two of several online community forums where real Kratom users and medical experts leave comments and opinions about consumer products, including Kratom.

Kratom has been scientifically proven to aid those living with a number of health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, joint inflammation, and several others. Many experts also believe that the alkaloids contained in Kratom are beneficial for those suffering from ADD and ADHD. Medical websites such as WebMD and Healthline have posted numerous articles on the medicinal benefits of Kratom, but the real proof can be seen in the comments left by those who use it on a daily basis.

How to Get Lab-Tested Kratom in Oregon

The best way for residents in Oregon to get lab-tested Kratom is with the trustworthy vendor, Kratom Krush. Unlike Oregon Kratom, here at Kratom Krush, we provide lab-tested Kratom products. We have an outstanding customer service department that is available by phone, email or instant chat messenger. We are dedicated to answering any questions that our customers may have and being a transparent company, we provide full details about our Kratom products.

Kratom Krush provides a 45-day money-back guarantee with same-day shipping. We are a professional business with a 5-star rating, and our customers simply love us. At Kratom Krush, we also believe that the KCPA will not only benefit our business but other Kratom business entities throughout the United States as well.

Kratom is considered by many to be a nootropic (daily supplement) that benefits individuals living with a variety of medical conditions as well as its energy and relaxation effects that it’s known for. For those who are looking for a reputable and trustworthy business, Kratom Krush is the best source period.